Saturday, May 30, 2009

Revision + Shopping + Big Belated Birthday Presents!

27 May 2009. Wednesday.
Chicky's Happy Day.

Went to National Library to revise for fnb paper with Chermin and Reena.
The security there is tight one loh.. Went to the washroom for a few mins, come back and see this free door hanger on one of our tables. -.-''



Revised for half a day and I got tired and decide to go walk walk (aka shopping) a bit before meeting ShaXiaoMei and Sharon for lunch. Yes the same Sharon who is the taobao spree handler cum agent.

Those in Singapore should know the once a year Great Singapore Sale is back again!
Don't know if I suay or what, everytime during GSS, I'm always BROKE. -.-''

So I was walking around at Bugis Junction and I decide to walk into Watsons to see if there's anything that I want to buy that's on sale..


After much consideration and asking the beauty advisor a couple of questions, I decide to buy this Canmake nail glitter thingy. Been eyeing it for a few months le loh.. and I couldn't decide to get the pink glitter or the silver glitter, so I asked her which is easier to match loh. Hubby is so going to flip when he sees my glittery nails next week.

I'll apply it after my exams then I try to take photos k? ;)

After that, I happily took MRT to Tiong Bahru to wait for ShaXiaoMei..
I know! First time I wait for other people right? :p

And I finally manage to buy KO One DVD!
It was OOS in all the stores I went to for the past many months loh. -.-'
I'm so happy to see it that I immediately bought it.. :p

Belated Birthday Presents!

I got 2 presents.
The big one from ShaXiaoMei and the small chicky cup from Sharon. :)
Maybe you can't really tell what's the big one since it's being wrapped so tight..

It's Mumu!
I know it looks quite small on my bed but it's actually slight smaller than half of me.
I'm 145cm, mumu is 70cm loh!

Me and Mumu. :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

TNP is in trouble..

Read this..

If you can't click the word "this", copy and paste the below link..

If you've got no time to read, here's what I think:
The media was told not to publish someone's name but TNP did and now they are in trouble loh.
Either they apologise for irresponsible reporting or they don't apologise and see a drop in their readership.

I'm personally going to be one of those to stop buying TNP until they apologise.
Not that I've been reading much newspaper but honestly, don't you think they are a bit too much?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chicky's 21st Birthday Celebration!

It's almost 3 weeks since my birthday and I've yet to blog about it! -.-''

If you're connected to me on facebook, then just skip this post bah.
The photos are almost all the same. (:

Mummy cooked this for me and I'm missing it nao. :(

On our way to have lunch~

Hubby's lunch + my snacks + my random nail.

Checking in~

I personal feel that the room is smaller than the previous hotel that we stayed at...
But everyone else thinks it's quite big... so it's not big not small. :p

But the view is damn good. :p
And in a couple of years time, it'll be even better! :)

That's me looking all aunty-ish. bleah.

Still exploring...

Unpacked and went to bathe...

Dinner at New York New York with friends, hubby's treat. *muackz hubby*

Some random photos with everyone..

The Brick Cake! :p
and the staffs at NYNY miss-spelled my name. -.-''

I love these photos with my Sha Xiao Mei.. (:

The night view, taken by ber is as nice as the day view right?
Love the skyline..

Sisters camewhore outside. :p

Many failed attempts at taking photos. -.-

Back in the air-con room with my dearests.. :)

My presents!

Trying to camwhore with a stupid fake lash that kept wanting to fall off. -.-

I bathed before opening my present from JS & Serene. (:
I like it. It's a jewellery box. :)

Expensive supper but not too bad in terms of taste but the breakfast is one of the worse I've ever had in Singapore's hotel. -.-''

Hubby and Me, before we left...
We might be back for the higher floors.. Might.. :p

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hubby Jiro in Tank's new MV

He's so cute luh..
And Kimi Ren is very pretty too.

Enjoy the video first k..
I really need to go study, so today no time to blog le..
All having their exams now, jiayou k? :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy stuffs..

Woo hoo~ Exam week. Stressed ah..
Haven really been studying much. Too much things to settle at home.
Keep having headache or feel like eating or sleeping.. :( Bad weather. Bad Chicky.

Some happy stuffs..
1. Shopping.
2. Level 27 on Restaurant City.
3. Joke of the week.

1. My Forever21 spree stuffs are here! Ordered through hubby and it came quite fast.. Shipping's a bit expensive but overall I think it's still a bit cheaper than to buy in Singapore. Yes, and now I'm like super excited lah! *cheeky grin*

Hubby is checking the package for me as I'm typing this entry.. *excited*

2. Finally reached level 27 in Restaurant City..
Actually quite easy leh. Think it's like a couple of weeks only loh. -.-
Now I can put RC away and go study properly..

Random print screen taken sometime back..

3. Joke of the week: here
My legs start to ache from Sat's jog/walking.
That night just before sleeping I realised I forgot to drink milk, so I turn to defector to tell him that and he replied...

You don't need it, you just ate the whole cow. (referring to our meal at Botak Jones).

Shopping + Chicky's First Botak Jones Experience!

So many things to blog yet so little time.

Finally manage to collect some of my stuffs which I ordered for like 6 weeks.
The girl still owes me 1 guigui ring and I'm waiting for her to send it out by registered mail..
Should have ordered through my friend, but I ordered from the girl before she approach me. :(

The white star earring cost me $9 which I later got it through my friend at half the price for each. OUCH!

And I finally had my first Botak Jones experience on Saturday after a jog/walk with hubby from Henderson walk to Hort park to Depot road.
*My legs are still aching!*

We checked out the time they close, go home, changed and took a cab down.
Moo moo~ here I come!!

Service staffs are really nice, they always ask how's your day (they asked every table).
and they give you your cutlery and sauces with a smile. :)

I got quite upset when I know that they are relocating their Boon Lay place branch to Tampines. :(

After a short wait...
(The queue was really long!)


Tadah~ My moomoo is here. :)

Hubby's. :)

Moomoo is good.
Service staffs are nice.
I quite like the fries.
Price is a little high for coffeeshop settings.
And best, no service charge! :p

oh and the fruit juice from another stall is not nice though. -.-


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Friday, May 22, 2009

Please ignore those spam comments

Recently, I've gotten 860 spam comments which somehow I can't delete, so I decide to delete my past blog enteries. If you're interested in reading my past enteries, do visit

Good that I've prepared this "backup" blog early this year.. If anything happen again, I will have to close down and maybe just start somewhere else.

You'll notice that all the post in this blog for the past 5 months all have been stained with some stupid spam message, for your safety, please do not click on the link/s.

Still alive with no mood to study.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

My first Zumfit class with Honeymeow

Bah. By now, you should have seen my pale fat face on honeymeow's blog.

Yes, the one with chubby cheeks all the way to the right is me.

It's my first zumfit lesson and I had fun!

I have been hesitant in joining dance classes up till now it's because I'm quite lousy at following moves (okay and also very clumsy..) so I always have the fear that if I do the actions wrongly, someone will laugh at me..

The moves are not too difficult, so no I didn't fall down and also no one laugh at me lah. if not I also wouldn't dare to take photo with them right? so paiseh.. :p

I enjoyed it also because it's not too "heavy" (only 1hr!) so it's really good for those who are looking for a workout to start, without the stressful feeling.. (e.g no killer gym instructors making you do the impossible!)

The dance studio is somewhere in town, so it's not too far to the east or the west. Fees wise I think it's quite reasonable at about $10 per session. Do check out her blog for more details and contact her if you wanna join.

Can't wait for my next lesson! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Soyjoy plug for nadnut & honeymeow

Saw this poster outside my school's bustop.

Personally tried the purple colour packaging one. not too bad. Like cake :)

Anyway I'm here to ask for votes for Nadnut and Honeymeow.
You can vote once every 3 hours. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

17 Again...

Finally utilized my 1 for 1 Birthday movie ticket to watch 17 Again!
I know the movie's been out so so so so so long... It was out even before I turned 21, alright, my birthday was just a week ago.. I know.. but you get my drift.. right? Right??

oh. Random: I just realised I have yet to blog about my Birthday celebrations!
Will do so very soon k.. Still love you people. *muackz*

Alright, now let's start with why did I catch the movie so late...

I knew that Zac boy from HSM (High School Musical) is in it and I thought it's just gonna be another one of those shows that is made specially for some people with poor acting but looks good on screen and yada yada yada.. Just another regular love story.. blah blah blah.. okay, here comes the main point.. In short.. I thought it would be a BORING movie..

So if I thought it's a boring movie why did I still catch it?

1. There isn't many nice movies left to watch!
(Recently watched Sniper, DMC, L.O.V.E & Shinjuku Incident)

2. I have a free 1 for 1 movie voucher for me to use until the end of the month.

3. After reading some reviews on the movie I decide it might not be as bad as I first thought it would be..

4. I seldom wake up so early and since I'm up early, I might as well travel down to Jurong Point to meet hubby to watch movie loh..

5. When I tell hubby I'm thinking of watching it, he did not say "ee.., don't want lah..."
hahas. I'm good girlfriend right.. I see his reaction first before I buy the tickets leh.. :p

So with the above 5 reasons, we went to catch the movie at Jurong point this morning..

What do I think after watching...

It's really worth it!!!
Zac totally act like he's a old man in a young man's body! lol.

The movie is quite touching, the acting is good (It's so good that I cried till my jacket sleeves + hubby's shirt sleeves got wet.) Lots of funny scenes which I didn't really expect. So overall, lots of laughter and tears.

I think I gave it 4 out of 5 bags of popcorns in my GV member review. :)

Go catch it if you haven't watch k...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The things I want to do with my family!

Most family with only 1 or 2 kids, they can afford to bring them overseas or anywhere to play but since there are 4 kids in my house, we rarely go out.

Family photo taken many years back..

As we all slowly grow up one by one our schedules kept crashing.
CCAs, Class outing, tuition, group projects, friends meet up..
No time is allocated/blocked out for family at all.

Parents work almost 6.5 days a week, they work from morning till night and sometimes we don't even see them for a few hours in a week.

So here are 3 things I would like to do with my family..

1. Ride Singapore Flyer.

If there's anything/anywhere I would like to bring my mum and brothers to, it would be to ride on the Singapore Flyers and take lots of photos. :)

Ever since the flyer came out, I hoped my parents can bring all of us there. But the tickets are really too expensive so I decide that once I start earning and save enough I will bring all of us there.

2. Chalet stay with Family.

I've stayed in chalet quite a number of times and it's always with friends. I would like to one day stay with them in a chalet or a hotel just to enjoy living out of the house for a couple of days.

3. Overseas Trip

I've been to Thailand at least 3 times in my life but none of the trip is with my family.
1st time was with Primary School, 2nd time with ITE Co-op club and 3rd was with Mike and his family.

I enjoy the freedom, the not-so-stressful life, the different food and also shopping! I would really like to travel overseas with my family. It would be a different experience.. Maybe to Genting or something. Now if only we could all come up with a bit of time and money..

Start planning for your own Family Day Out on 30 May 2009! Visit!

Friday, May 08, 2009

My mum gave me a suprise yesterday..

My first birthday present for this rather significant year : My freedom key.

I'm very very touched because she actually suprised me with it 2 days before the actual day.

Was lying on my bed talking to her, checking some coupon thingy she pass to me.. Then suddenly she just dangle a cute little pouch in front of my face.. She didn't say anything so I just stare at the pouch, thinking she just bought something and want to let me see the cute pouch. -.- Then I saw word on the pouch, and slowly read the words on it.. "RAJA King's goldsmith"..

I ask her what she buy? who is it for and when I turn to look at her she gave me the smile that says "for you silly girl".. My mum, boyfriend and friends always like to laugh at my silliness. -.-'

So when I realised it's for me I took it over and open it up. and tadah~ My cute little key.. *feeling all warmy now*

Okay let the pictures do the talking.. :)

The cute little bag. :)

Cute little box.

Cute little key that has big meanings to it. :)

My mum is so sweet, my mum is so sweet, my mum is so sweet!! :p
I love mummy! :)

Uglyfatchick's First Spa Mani/Pedi :)

Did my first Spa Mani/Pedi yesterday to make full use of the birthday month promo 50% discount!

Normally if I want some pampering I would choose Classic Mani/Pedi.
Express Mani/Pedi is the cheapest, but because they dun remove all those stuffs around your nail (I think it's call cuticles) & those dead skin under you feet, the end result wouldn't be that nice loh..

Classic is a little more expensive but it's worth it if you have like an event to go to..
Eg. CNY, DnD, Birthday Party, Product Launch, Presentation, Photoshoot or any event that require you to meet lots of important clients and guest.. :)

Spa is the most expensive but if you enjoy having your hands and feet pampered, stuffed into heating gloves and socks, and end up with really smooth skin for the next 2-3 days.. Spa will be totally for you. :)

Normally they will serve you complimentary drinks so don't be shy and ask for water if you feel thirsty.. I'll usually ask for warm green tea or plain water. :)

This is some new colour from Opi I quite like it but it's a little light on my feet, maybe next time try this on fingers.. :)

I like this polish I think it's princess rocks or something.
Keep choosing this. :p
Sometime back in Feb I choose this when I did express Mani/Pedi..

Even though it's the same nail polish, if you compare the previous visit's picture and this you'll notice my nails looks nicer this time loh. :)

But my favourite would be the different colour one I did for CNY...
When I have another big event then I go do my nails again. :p