Sunday, March 08, 2020

18% off + 5% Rebate + Cashback + Free shipping

2 months back, I was googling for a wine that I like and found an online market/shop selling the wine at a reasonable price.

They were also offering free delivery and promotion code for first time customer, 10% off. (read on to find out how you can get 18% instead of 10% off!)

Felt like I need to share this because it's like another supermarket but with free delivery and lots of perks which I'm sure most of my friends/readers/followers would be interested in!

They sell all sorts of stuffs, like can food, noodles, beer, wine, toys, books, electronics, appliances, car stuffs, baby stuffs, household stuffs and many more.

To get 18% off, register for an account using this link and you will get a 18% Off coupon.

When you spend a min of $150 in a month (no need to be in 1 order), you will receive a 5% rebate on the amount you spend. The rebate amount would be credited next month and you can just deduct the amount on your next order. Best is there's no min spend to use the rebate!

Shopback offers 2% cashback for this online shop so do sign up for an ShopBack account and click thru shopback before you make payment for your order!

I wasn't introduced by anyone so I only used the welcome 10% off my first order. A pity cause I spent a lot! So if you're interested to get 18% off, do remember to use my link : to register!

P.S: I spent hours comparing prices of many products, some same as most other shops, some cost a little bit more and some are cheaper even before I used the promotion code!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Showing Off (Upside-Down Magic) by Sarah Mlynowski , Lauren Myracle & Emily Jenkins

Showing Off is book 3 from the Upside-Down Magic series.

Suitable for 7-9 year olds.

Before reading:
I absolutely love the cover! The Dritten (dragon-kitten) is really adorable! Makes me want to read it too! 198 pages in total with no illustrations inside at all, I wonder if my P1 kid would accept this middle grade novel?

What happened was:
I took way too long to complete this while my firstborn read the book twice and says she likes this the most out of the 4 books she have recently read!

The first few pages introducing the characters were a little confusing to me but once you start understanding you can't stop! I just had to complete the book the same day even though I have to read till 2am and take another hour to write this review.

My girl likes it because there's magic, there's friendship, there's situations that are really comical plus a contest in school!

I like that it's a story about finding and working with your talent instead of thinking about what you are not or try to fit in just to please others.

If you would like to purchase this book or the previous Scholastic Books we have reviewed. Check out and use code theluckiestcloud20 for a sweet 20% discount!

About the Author:
Sarah Mlynowski is a New York Times bestselling Author. Her works includes Whatever After series, Magic in Manhattan series, Gimme a call, and a bunch of other books for tweens and teens, including the Upside-Down Magic series, which she is cowriting with Lauren Myracle and Emily Jenkins.

She is originally from Montreal.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets by Dav Pilkey

Captain Underpants seems to be quite popular since I was a kid. A quick check shows that this title was first published in 1999, which is 20 years ago!

Suitable for 7-9 year olds.
Chapter book with lots of illustrations, a few pages of comics and some old school flip animation to make reading even more fun. Approx 130+pages, great to interest children who prefer comics to usual chapter books.

My P1 child read the book first and when I was reading the book to my 2.5yo, she sat in to listen because she really like the story.

To be honest I have never thought of picking up any CU books for my kids because I didn't think a character in underpants would be a suitable protagonist. Read on and found that it's actually not as bad as I had thought.

I like some of the descriptive phrases and the comic book portions in the book is great as an editing (spot the mistake) exercise. The comics in the story is created by children in the story thus there were some errors (check out last picture for example)

If you would like purchase this book or the previous Scholastic Books we have reviewed. Check out and use code theluckiestcloud20.

About the Author:
Dav Pilkey is considered one of the most popular contemporary authors for readers in elementary school (Primary school). He is a talented artist and inventive humorist as well as a subtle moralist. Dav is a Caldecott Honor Award-winning creator of more than 40 books for children.

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Monster Power (The Magic School Bus Rides Again) by Judy Katschke

If you find the author's name familiar it's because she is a best-selling author and children’s television writer! She has written over one hundred books for young readers, including chapter book series such as the The Littlest Pet Shop, Marguerite Henry's Misty Inn, and Shopkins: Shoppies. Yes, she wrote the previous book that we reviewed a few days back!

Suitable for 5-8 year olds.
Chapter book with illustrations on almost every other page.
Approx 80pages, great for chapter book beginners.

My P1 child loves science and watched almost all the shows from the old (1995?) Magic School Bus series.

Recently we watched 1 episode of Magic School Bus Rides Again on Netflix and I didn't quite like some of the conversations in the show. When we recieved this book I was worried that the book would be the same. Read through the book and unlike the show, felt there was definitely more friendship and science than sarcasm. So yeah! This mama approves.

If you would like purchase this book or other Scholastic Books we have reviewed. Check out and use code theluckiestcloud20.

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Friday, June 14, 2019

Hooray for Shoppywood! (Shopkins : Shoppies) by Judy Katschke

Suitable for 5-8 year olds
Chapter book with illustrations on almost every other page!

Approx 60pages, great for beginners to move on from picture books to chapter books.

My p1 kid likes the characters, and their friendship. She read the book twice.

I like that the story is peppered with lots of puns and love how they show each of the characters with their own ideas. As my elder one starts to work in groups in school I hope she understands that friends can have different ideas and yet still be really great friends!

Judy Katschke is a best-selling author and children’s television writer. She has written over one hundred books for young readers, including chapter book series such as the The Littlest Pet Shop, Marguerite Henry's Misty Inn, and Shopkins: Shoppies.

To get 20% off this book or other Scholastic titles at Reader's House, use code theluckiestcloud20 .

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Friday, September 01, 2017

Mother Tongue Language Symposium (MTLS)

Checked out MTLS on 19th August 2017 and came home with a heavy bag!

It's a great event! It's a pity that we went really late (ard 2.30pm and we spent an hour in a workshop), after the workshop we continued playing for almost 2hrs! we did not manage to participate in all the activities.. There were 40+ booths, we probably covered less than half.

W queued to complete some simple activities at the various booths manned by various community partners like :
  • The National Library Board (Borrowed 2 books and got a free tote bag πŸ˜‚)
  • Malay Language Centre of Singapore (she she spun the wheel, picked a card and attempted to read the Malay word, ini mata)
  • Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (used a application on the tablet to write some Chinese words)
  • Wildlife Reserves Singapore (She tried to match names of birds in Chinese to the pictures)
  • The Esplanade Co Ltd (Followed the staff to read a simple card) and 
  • Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism (Solve/match a dice puzzle and name the picture)

'Living with Bamboo’ Parent-Child Workshop. It's very interesting, so much that even Ash was interested! Well not for very long but to be able to hold his attention for that long it's an achievement! πŸ˜‚ The speakers made presenting boring bamboo facts and ideas so fun that I felt enriched too! The simple song and dance is easy to follow and the lyrics are really meaningful too. The Bamboo for them to write/draw on for display is really unique. W wrote the chinese word 叢子 (which means leaf) on it and even drew bamboos on it. She even got to check out some items made out of bamboo, needless to say her favourite is the huge calligraphy brush!

After the workshop we had a little snack break and then back to the hall to play again! πŸ˜„ We went thru so many stations that I didn't know which was which. We enjoyed a short drama, she did a corner bookmark, played a few puzzle games and also completed a quest about Ma Liang and his magic paintbrush. (We spent a long time locating this Ma Liang guy to get the token from him to exchange for a badge)

W went up to "stage" for a contest and won a foldable tote bag πŸ˜‚

Friday, June 02, 2017


I have been following a Taiwan teacher on his Facebook live show for a while and this week's topic is on Children's Sleep! This is a super important topic to many mummies, so I thought I should try to summarise it as best as I can..

Initially had just wanted to just translate the points to english to share on Facebook but ended up typing way too much information so it became a blog post.. πŸ˜‚

1. Children are sleeping at least 1hr lesser compare to children in the past. 
 ~ After 7pm, try not to allow children to have screen-time (Blue light from TV/Tablet/Phone/etc).

2. Naps should not be scheduled too closed to sleep time
~ Eg children find it difficult to sleep if they just woke up from nap 3-4hrs before sleep time.

 * If you find it difficult to make children sleep and start to scold them, it causes them not to be able to sleep too as scolding them would cause their stress level to go up, when stress level is high they will find it even more difficult to relax, thus even more difficult for them to fall asleep. (Instead of letting them nap at 3-4pm where they would wake at 5-6pm, it’s better to let them not take that nap and sleep earlier at night)

3. Secret of the Brain 

3a. Morning Sunlight 
~ Not exposing to enough sun light during the day would cause one not to be able to fall sleep easily at night. Minimum 15mins to 30mins a day.

3b. (Room light)
~ 1hr before sleep, use warm/yellow light instead of white light, room should be dim/not too bright.. Dimmed lights and some soft music would be a good setting for the children.

* If you read to your children, try to read to them earlier instead. Keep reading time to approx. 20mins.

4. Not having enough activities during daytime
~ Too much unused energy?

5. Food taken just before sleep 
~ Food to avoid just before bedtime (High Protein). High amount of protein just before bedtime would result in children finding it difficult to fall asleep. Eg. Milk. High amount = more than 150ml of milk. If they are drinking more than that amount it means that they are not eating enough during dinner!

 ~ Food to avoid just before bedtime (High Sugar).

 ~ Food to avoid just before bedtime (Caffeine).
We do not give coffee to kids however there are some food with caffeine, like chocolates!

 ~ Food to avoid just before bedtime (High Carbohydrates).

 ~ Food to avoid for dinner (Fried Food).
If you do want to give you children fried food, do consider giving them during lunch instead.

 ~ Food that aids sleep : Banana – tryptophan

6. Repeatedly asking your child to sleep
~ It gives them the chance to keep replying you.
Resist telling them off (this is so difficult but I shall try!)

7. Too much high-intensity? activities just before bedtime
~ Children do not sleep well when they are too tired!

8. Vestibular balance activity (前庭平葑觉) 
~ Throwing around, rocking, swinging around, rolling around, jumping around, turning around in circles, shaking, etc.. avoid these activities an hour before sleep.

9. Sensory Brush 
~ Lastly if you have tried all the points on top and your child is still not able to fall asleep, you can try using sensory brush to brush children’s arms/legs/body to help them to relax. (Suitable for toddler up till children in primary school!)