Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Books shopping again!

Bought a lot of books this year, so just when I though I'm done with books shopping...
I bought more books again last weekend!

1. My pet frog
Kinokuniya's budget corner for $2 only!
It has always been my dream to own a mini Children books library so I buy lots of children books for my kid and future kid and hope they learn to love books too! ♡

2. No Drama Discipline $39.75
Hope I can finish the book. Read a sample chapter downloaded from play store and found it quite enriching therefore decide to purchase the book when I spotted it at the store. It's almost twice the price? but I really prefer the touch and smell of a physical book. and I can easily make small notes on it too!

3. Post its $1.30 
This is not a book - book per se...
I didn't want to spend time looking for the one in my messy house.

4. Dragon 2015 $12.84
Every year I would purchase, read it a little to remind myself of simple things like being courteous, friendly, positive, look after my health, stay low and grounded. People read self help books but I flip through fengshui book. LOL.

Really random but I hope I don't come across anymore book fair/sale/bazaar until I free up another shelf for books! Not enough space on the currently bookshelf anymore.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Daddy's Little Girl

Photos taken a few weeks back.

Her attentive look.
The way she rest on his chest.
Her sweet smile.
Her struggle for a hug.
That's my cutie pie.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Need to take more photos with baby.

Compared to baby's first year I think I've taken lesser photos the past year..

Here's a 9 photos collage.
Photos taken on one of the nights before her bedtime.

All photos taken in a dimly lit room (before bedtime lights dimmed)
Bottom 2 photos taken with back camera of Note 3 with flash, the others were taken using Note 3 front camera. Had to edit the photos using picasa as it's too dark to see anything..

Baby is growing and changing day by day, sometimes I look at past photos and it feels like it's just a while back where she's still a little baby.. Now she's a semi-independent toddler. She has her own likes and dislikes, she has picked up with a number of things and she is walking on her own a lot too.

Time really flies~
It wouldn't be long before I get too old to act cute anymore so since now I still can afford to act cute I better snap more photos. :P

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Huge Apple. :P

Hubby bought 2 expensive apples from Isetan Supermarket a while back and they are really huge.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Free Vecua Honey Mask!

Last week I was at Westgate, decide to dropby Tokyu Hands to find a friend.

Online friend actually.  Hahas we know each other online for years already but first time see each other! Next time take photo! :D

So anyway I was introduced to this Brand Vecua Honey and their friendly staff help me with redemption of a free mask!

It's been a little while since I last got free stuffs! :P
(Oops, actually not that long ago cause last month I had a bazaar booth at Jcube and I had free icecream. :P)

So anyway I wanted to try their hand cream but currently having allergy on my hands so decide to probbaly try next time when I'm cleared of allergy. Go grab your free mask if you're near Westgate. :D

Friday, September 26, 2014

You wouldn't believe what I took photo with. lol

Okay I look creepy in this photo like I'm a stalker or what -.-
I had a bazaar stall at Bugis Cube the other day and it was super quiet so I let my brother help me tend to the booth while I explore the building... seriously it's so quiet/empty in the building it's scary.. this is the only thing I recognise in the whole building. :P

I'm not a "hardcore fan" (I follow her and a lot of other people on instagram) and I do think she writes better than many bloggers out there. Even though she doesn't writes that often now, her entries (other than those obvious sponsored post) are still quite entertaining to read.