Monday, December 08, 2014

Flea / Bazaar Markets in Singapore

Fleas are everywhere nowadays, years back flea are not that common but now they are as common as pasa malam (Night Market).

These are fleas I've experienced in the past few years. :)

F1 Pit / Pit Building Level 3 (By Good Citizens SG)
December 2014
Crowd : Mostly other Vendors and some crowd in the afternoon.
1 table 2 chairs, air conditioned but still warm.

It's a rather huge scale flea with 210 booths! Booked 2 booths as I was hoping to clear more items. Aircon didn't seem strong enough to cater for so many booths though cause it's still warm. :( It's walking distance from MRT but it seems that not many people know how to come over here or maybe it's the bad weather so crowd was not as good as I hoped it would be. My customers were mostly customer from my instashop and some of the vendors came over to check us out too. I personally went around and got a few items myself too. :P

Not good to walk around in the night time cause the lightings are not that good. During noon time I could see more items but a little crowded so I didn't manage to get much items. I guess too many booths may not be a good thing. :(

Singapore Polytechnic (By For Flea Sake)
November 2014
Crowd : Super crowded as it's in front of lecture theatre and next to canteen.
Sheltered with 1 table and 2 chairs, was informed that it's air conditioned place but it's not.

As all shoppers are students they don't have much spending power but the exposure is good if you have an online shop and have namecards to let them bring back or something. Unique and customisable items are great here cause they are noticed to have the most crowd. :D

Jcube Level 5 (By Blogshop Asia)
September 2014
Crowd : Almost non existence.
Semi Sheltered, 1 table and 1 Chair.
Rules : Usual rules, plus additional rule that items cannot be displayed like "pasa malam" style.

Was promised A3 metal signages to be put up at the entrances, A1 posters displayed at JCube lift lobbies, end up none of these were found. Was informed that there were happening events for the flea, but found out later in the day that all the events were happening at other levels instead of the bazaar location. Really disappointed with the whole event and most vendors request for refund as there was seriously no crowd.

I was lucky to get the booth closest to the escalator. 1 month before the event, I started promoting the flea event, enticing customers to visit with clearance stocks below cost price and lots of freebies. The whole month of promoting the event paid off and thanks to all my customers who dropby if not my stall would probably end up like all the other stalls with zero sales.

Before the September bazaar I booked 2 more events for November and December, the organisers finally decide to cancel the whole event on 2nd October. I recieve the refund a month later, in November.

Bugis Cube Level 1 (By Blogshop Asia)
September 2014
Crowd : Almost non existence.
Sheltered, 1 Table and 1 Chair.
Rules : Usual rules

Was given 1 free booth as compensation so I took it and got another booth for an extra day for $30 (which is my mistake). The building is empty, approximate 7 shops were open on that weekend in the whole mall. Yes I went to walk around the whole mall to check out the place.

Mall is empty and even though it's near a bus stop most of the booths cannot be seen by public at all. In total there were around 9 booths, 4 booths were outside and only 2 opened from afternoon and the other 2 only opened in the evening so it's absolutely not obvious that there is a flea happening! Didn't understand how could the organisers place booths outside but allow the vendors to only open in the evening. Those vendors who were placed inside the mall were there since morning and was practically swatting flies.

Chua Chu Kang Lot 1 (By What The FLEA!)
February 2012
Crowd : Youths and Families
Sheltered corridor facing CCK MRT Station

This Flea was the first flea for Lot 1, instead of tables and chairs they only provide a small area for us and we placed our own cloth on the floor. This is a real flea market as we were allowed to bring second hand and brand new items. I was clearing stock and also brought some items that I don't use for sale. Love it because the crowds were mainly students who just ended their CCAs or remedial lessons, families out for meals or shopping with their kids.

Unfortunately now they only have flea at Level 5, and only preloved items were allowed.

Gek Poh Ville CC
Crowd : Grandparents and some students
Sheltered, 1 huge table and 2 chairs

As there's event so there's lots of people but most of them are there for the event and not really to shop. Items for sale it's better to be more for kids/aunties as there's not many youths there. As it's near to HDB blocks if flyers were given out earlier there should be more customers. :)

Jurong Point Shopping Centre (By For Flea Sake)
November 2013
Crowd : Lots of people (Domestic Helpers, Students, Families)
Sheltered, 1 table and 2 chairs

This is one of the most successful flea I've done and I'm hoping that they will open another one this Christmas so I can clear more stocks! Closing down my shop soon so would really appreciate if they can open another flea these 2 months. Quite a huge scale event and all booths were in a tent. Jurong Point staffs even gave us handheld fans because it was really hot that day. It's near MRT, bus interchange and a mall so the crowd is really good. As it's more accessible I had customers who came down all the way from the east side as well! :) My favourite place for Flea so far!

Bishan Active Park (By fashionbizarre)
June 2010
Crowd : Almost non existence.

My customers were mostly other vendors and customers who received email blast. Weather is really hot and place is not that accessible.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Being a Mummy for 2 years

Yesterday was my cutie pie's 2nd Birthday.
Same as her first birthday, we didn't throw a bash.
She probably wouldn't remember the day if we were to spend it entertaining other adults and kids.

Maybe when she's older she would want a party but for now, simple day out to town works fine.
We sent her to playgroup as usual, bought her a 1kg cake ($40+ from Prima Deli) to share with her friends and teachers during snack time.

After her class we brought her to town for lunch.
We had steamboat buffet. :D
Walked around a mall and chance upon a free kid's show.
It's her first time seeing live cartoon.
After the show we went to some indoor playground.
After an hour of slides and bouncing, we went to have some waffle and ice-cream.

Simple and enjoyable day.
Hope she grows up happy and healthy.

Just as my wish for 2015:
For everyone to be happy and healthy.

A song that I recently came across from one of the dramas I've watched and I really liked it.

Winter Child

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Books shopping again!

Bought a lot of books this year, so just when I though I'm done with books shopping...
I bought more books again last weekend!

1. My pet frog
Kinokuniya's budget corner for $2 only!
It has always been my dream to own a mini Children books library so I buy lots of children books for my kid and future kid and hope they learn to love books too! ♡

2. No Drama Discipline $39.75
Hope I can finish the book. Read a sample chapter downloaded from play store and found it quite enriching therefore decide to purchase the book when I spotted it at the store. It's almost twice the price? but I really prefer the touch and smell of a physical book. and I can easily make small notes on it too!

3. Post its $1.30 
This is not a book - book per se...
I didn't want to spend time looking for the one in my messy house.

4. Dragon 2015 $12.84
Every year I would purchase, read it a little to remind myself of simple things like being courteous, friendly, positive, look after my health, stay low and grounded. People read self help books but I flip through fengshui book. LOL.

Really random but I hope I don't come across anymore book fair/sale/bazaar until I free up another shelf for books! Not enough space on the currently bookshelf anymore.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Daddy's Little Girl

Photos taken a few weeks back.

Her attentive look.
The way she rest on his chest.
Her sweet smile.
Her struggle for a hug.
That's my cutie pie.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Need to take more photos with baby.

Compared to baby's first year I think I've taken lesser photos the past year..

Here's a 9 photos collage.
Photos taken on one of the nights before her bedtime.

All photos taken in a dimly lit room (before bedtime lights dimmed)
Bottom 2 photos taken with back camera of Note 3 with flash, the others were taken using Note 3 front camera. Had to edit the photos using picasa as it's too dark to see anything..

Baby is growing and changing day by day, sometimes I look at past photos and it feels like it's just a while back where she's still a little baby.. Now she's a semi-independent toddler. She has her own likes and dislikes, she has picked up with a number of things and she is walking on her own a lot too.

Time really flies~
It wouldn't be long before I get too old to act cute anymore so since now I still can afford to act cute I better snap more photos. :P

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Huge Apple. :P

Hubby bought 2 expensive apples from Isetan Supermarket a while back and they are really huge.