Sunday, March 01, 2015

Review : La Riche Directions Semi Permanent Hair Dye Rose Red

Price : $9 only! (CNY Promo, if I'm not wrong it's still on-going!)

Service Review:
The items were sent out timely and nicely bubble wrapped. I bought 3 tubs of hair dye they only gave me 1 pair of plastic gloves.

Product Review :

Application :
Fairly easy, I put on my gloves and grab some from the tub and just smear it all over my bleached hair. The only issue I had was after I washed out I realise the colour stained the back of my neck, parts of my forehead, all my fingers, a hair brush, 3 towels and my bathroom turned pink!

Colour :
I love it! It's pinkish kind of red and the brightness is just right. I am also happy that my hair didn't look orange. Phew..

Smell / Effect :
No smell, or not much smell. Effect is not bad it's been a week plus and the red is still in my hair. Some people claims that it's conditioning but I personally feels that it feels normal? Just not too drying like some of those hair dye packs that contains bleach in it?

Extra detail : If possible get someone to help you with application and maybe wash off too cause it's really messy imo. Maybe I just dun have skill to dye my own hair, I would probably try to get help when I use the tub of Dark Turnip that I bought. :D

The additional sad story:

Last December I tried this hair dye (in violet) without bleaching my hair and the result was my previous salon dyed brown hair got even darker, almost close to black. The saddest thing is that I bought it from an instashop at $26.90! Super overpriced and I didn't know it cause the seller didn't state the brand and yes the seller is quite a popular seller on instagram. *heartbreak*

Do you like my Red Hair? Would give this a try?

Review : Dodo Liquid Lipstick, Dodo Eyeshadow and Dodo Pan Cheek

Items :
Dodo liquid lipstick shade 203
Dodo miss brown eyeshadow MB710
Dodo pan cheek PC23

Price : All 3 dodo products only cost $13 from TokyuHands (Westgate).

Dodo is a Japanese Brand. Didn't see them in Singapore for quite sometime so when I saw that they were on sale I decide to get them to try. :D

Product Review :
As there are 3 items I will try to keep it short.

Application / Colour :

Lipstick : It's somewhat like lip gloss, easy to use. Just twist the bottom and the liquid will come out from the top. Colour is light and with a shimmer. Texture is thick like a usual gloss & I have a love hate relationship with lip glosses. Love it cause it makes my lips pouty and sweet looking, hate it cause it's usually feels kinda like a layer on my lips?

Eyeshadow : Would suggest to use your own brush cause the brush given is not that good. Colours are shimmery/glittery. Colours in pan are different when applied, refer to photos of swatches (with flash and without flash). Kinda regret getting this colour, should have gotten the purple/pink one instead.

Blush : Easy application but have to be light handled unless you want to look like you are going for some show. Colour is very pigmented so a little drab and blend it out for a more natural blush.

Removal :
Easy to remove using makeup remover but the glitters for the eyeshadow kinda stuck to me for a while.

Extra detail : Do take note that expiry is in Dec this year.

Overall it's okay to purchase these to play around for a while cause it's quite cheap. My eyeliner from another brand cost more than these 3 items combined!

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Review : Gatsby EX Hi-Bleach (Hair Bleach)

Item : Gatsby EX Hi-Bleach
Price : $8.95 (NTUC promo) usual ard $11.

Product Review :
I have tried many diy hair dyes but this is the first time I tried bleaching my hair on my own.

Application :
Fairly easy but I think I should have used 2 boxes instead of 1. After mixing everything just apply on dry hair and wait. Rinse, wash with shampoo, followed by conditioner.

Colour :
Didn't reach the lightness that I want as I don't dare to leave the bleach any longer. Heard that if put for too long duration, hair will break very easily. Tone is yellow so I will be using a white toner to remove the yellow tone soon!

Smell :
Strong but bearable (rememeber to open windows so that it's well ventilated)

Extra detail : Ensure that you buy enough hair dye. eg should hair length usually need around 2 boxes, unless you are doing dip dying.

It's my first time bleaching on my own, though the effect is not exactly what I want but it's still acceptable. Hair looks really dry so I will probably also need to do some treatment at home too. ♡

Friday, January 23, 2015

Review : Electronic / Digital Kitchen Scale (Weighing Scale)

Item: Digital Kitchen Scale
Price: S$9.90

Service Review: Super fast delivery! I received it the next morning!

Product Review: Scale comes in a box and comes with 2 batteries.

Usage: 1 button switch on, simple and easy.

Extra detail: There are a few designs and I choose this as it can measure to 0.5g where most other designs measure to 1g. The only downside is that it can only measure up to 3kg but it's okay as I usually do not need to weigh more than that, any item more than 3kg I have a few other scales at home for that. :D

This is good for those who are baking or those selling small items online and need it to weigh parcel! :)

Review : White Light Teeth Whitening Kit

Item: White Light Teeth Whitening Kit
Price : I bought it from an instashop for S$18!
(You can purchase it at the above link for more than 50% off!)

Product Review: Kit comes with 1 tray (top and bottom), 1 light tool, batteries for the light tool and 2 tubes of gel.

Application: Is really simple just need to put gel on the tray, put it on your teeth and put the white light on. Put for 10 minutes, take it off and rinse your mouth to get rid of gel residue.

Tip! Take the tray off when you are at the basin because there will be lots of saliva and it will be really messy if you take it off elsewhere like middle of your room or something!

Point to note: Effect takes many application to come in and doesn't last forever, do not expect instant obvious results or for the whitening to be forever! Avoid teeth staining stuffs like tea, coffee, soda.

Extra detail: Jaws may feel tired after a while. Try not to put on for too long (more than 15mins) especially for those with sensitive gums. Once I put for more than 15mins and my gums went red, it subside after a while.

Will I recommend it? I would say yes if you are open to try anything but if guranteed results are what you're after then I would suggest a visit to the dentist for more expensive procedures would be more suitable.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Review : The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Pastel Cushion Blusher in PINK

Item: The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Pastel Cushion Blusher in PINK
Price: S$7 (paid extra for Pink)

Service Review: Considered fast delivery as I made my purchase on Christmas eve 24th Dec and received on 27th Dec morning. Items are bubble wrapped.

Product Review: Blusher comes in a cute container and with a pretty little puff.

Colour: Pink is really very light/sheer, on my fair skin it almost blends in and couldn't be seen. Layered 4 thick layers just to take a photo for this post.

Application: Colour doesn't really show using the little puff. May work better using a brush or fingers but will need many layers to get the colour to come out. Works for you if you are usually heavy handed or if you are going for a natural look and don't mind spending some time blending and layering till you get the colour to show.

Extra detail: It's not very cheap as I paid a bit extra to get Pink one but end up it didn't really suit me. Maybe a darker colour would be more suitable but even then I'm sceptical after reading more reviews online. It seems that colours in this range are just not that pigmented.

Overall a bit disappointed as I had high hopes for this product.