Friday, September 05, 2014

Flu & Ear and nose infection.

Been sick for the past 3 weeks..

Started with sore throat, followed by flu and then cough. Went to 2 doctors for flu and cough.. then one day suddenly my ear start to hurt very badly.. so badly that I started rolling on the bed. Even after taking pain medication I was pacing around the whole house to draw attention away from the pain.. yes it was very bad. :(

Called the previous ear/nose/throat specialist clinic I went to earlier this year (to remove some stucked ear wax) but the only appointment date given is in November!

Hubby manage to get me a private clinic's appointment for the same day. Doctor confirmed it's ear and nose infection.. gave me a bunch of stuffs and I went back to see him in a week. It's very expensive but at least I could finally sleep.. imagine if I had to wait for the govt clinic appointment.. how many months of sleepless nights and painkillers do I have to take before it's finally my turn to see the doctor? :(

No more cotton buds, ear digger tool, ear wax suction tool thingy for me..

So anyway I went back to see the doctor before HuiShan's Wedding Lunch on (30th) and I'm cleared of the infection. hooray~

Here's a photo collage of baby and me, taken the week before. :D

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Paparich (Westgate)

Walked past this place many times but never tried the food there.
Decide to give them a try the other day and the food is not bad!

Prices are consider affordable if compared to restaurant prices but not so if compare to food court price la..

The food is quite nice though, can consider to eat here again. :)

My Cutie Pie with piggy tails.

Baby's hair is growing slowly.. she is almost 21 months and I can finally attempt to tie her hair! :D

I need to upgrade my hair tying skill!
The 2 piggy tails kinda unbalanced. :(

If there's anything I wish someone could warn me about having a baby girl is that you just tend to keep having the impulse to buy her clothes. Lol.

You stop buying that many clothes for yourself and start buying tons of clothes for her. :P
Does having boys have the same effect on mummies?

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Happy National Day! :D

Enjoyed my little holiday with my loved ones. :D

Took public transport around Singapore running some errands and eating lots of awesome food! Thanks hubby!

Visited a new playgroup school for baby, will be registering her for next year and then I have to start looking for job soon. Excited and yet at the same time really nervous.. Not sure how will things unfold but I'm sure we will sort things out as life shows us what's in store..

Haven't spend long periods out of house since baby came into our life. The past 2 days we were out of house for more than 8hours/day. :D Explored a few new places and I'm sure the little one is the happiest. :P

A very tired parent who's also feeling very blessed right now. :D

Friday, August 08, 2014

My New Favourite Scrub!

Recently came across this body scrub and decide to give it a try!

Ordered on 19th July.
Shipped out on 22nd July.
And I got it on 1st August! :D

I ordered the original coffee scrub.

This is how it looks like.

Smell wise.. I LOVE IT! lol.
It's a very pleasant smell of coffee and orange!
I used it in my bedroom washroom and my bedroom smell of coffee too. :P

Love that it's dry so you can just apply straight on your body and not like those "body wash" type that you need a lot of effort to lather on? Anyone knows what I am talking about? oh god I'm terrible with words. Just trying to say it's easy to spread on the body?

It's going to be a bit messy so but oh so worth it. heh.

After application, I just dance around in my little bathroom for a few mins.. enough for the scrub to work it's thing.. After that I just wash it off and tadah~ nice smooth skin! :D

Tried on my face but it's not so suitable though.. but it's okay cause it works well for my body and that's all that matters. hahas.

I have not used it long enough to see effect on my cellulite, stretch marks and dry soles yet but I'm impressed with how baby smooth my skin feels for the next 2-3 days!

Giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars!
Smell : Awesome.
Application : Easy.
Packaging : Simple and Flat.
Pricing : Average. USD14.95 - 16.95 for a 200g pack.
Shipping : Took approximate 2weeks.

Only issue is that no shop in SG carrying this product yet so hope someone will bring in? :D

*This entry is solely my own opinion and is not a paid nor sponsored post.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Should I Yoga?

I don't see how yoga can help me lose weight "yes I'm the cardio kind", and I have Zero patience!

Just a few days ago I was thinking of some simple exercises to do with my little one when it suddenly strike me that I could try yoga! So I tried to find out more about yoga.. ok at least find out about poses for beginners..

Well.. I'm defeated. Lol. I didn't think the poses were that hard until I attempt them!

Downloaded an app on my mobile and am going to attempt some poses again soon.
Wish me luck. *nervous giggle*

Have you tried yoga?
Do you go for classes or follow a video lesson? :)