Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kids Fiesta at Hillion Mall

Last Sunday we travelled to the new mall at Bukit Panjang to check out the on-going kid's carnival! The kids had fun so here's a quick post about the event!

The carnival is until this Sunday (19th March 2017) , so even if you missed it last weekend, you can still make your way there this week! More information about the event here: Smartparent and Hillion Mall.

With a minimum spending of $20 at the mall, redeem a stamp on your receipt (from the counter next to the stage at B2 Atrium) and you child can participate in the following activities:

• Art and Craft 45mins (non parents accompanied)
• Sport circuit and Sports skill station 10 mins
• Kinetic Sand Play 10mins
• Bouncy Castle

Other than activities, the event organisers gave some freebies too!
1x Free indoor playground voucher
1x Free voucher for trial class with readysteadygokids
1x Pass for "meet and greet" and to exchange a free toy (McDonald's Line toy)
1x Tote bag (hillion mall)

Here are my anyhow-taken photos of the event!
(Baby A kept moving so I had a hard time trying to take photos!)

Kinetic Sand Play 10mins
Photo taken before event started but I can assure you this is one of the hot favourite among the kids! Table is crowded since the start of the event!

Sport circuit and Sports skill station 10 mins
Photo taken before event started, set up for play changed after a few hours too, they limit the kids inside the play area so it's not that crowded.
It's fun for the kids, good for gross motor skill and most importantly tire the kiddos out for us! :P

Art and Craft approximate 45mins (non parents accompanied)
As it's a group lesson so you need to "book" a timeslot by leaving your name and contact number. Each session is open to only 8 kids, so if the tables are full, you would need to go for the next session. The good thing is it's a non parents accompanied session, so I practically just left my kiddo there and went to get other things done.. like redeeming tote bag, buying fruits and drink, checking out what other stations have to offer, redeeming pass for the meet and greet after the show etc..

Live Show by The Polliwogs
Live show is available on weekends at 1.30pm and 5pm.
Show last for about 20-25mins, thereafter they have a photograph session for 30 kids with the "meet and greet" pass. "Meet and Greet" pass can be obtained 1hr before show starts. Eg 12.30pm can start redeeming for 1.30pm show.

This is the pass and tote bag that I redeemed while my kid did her craft at the Art and Craft Station. :)
Pass can be redeemed next to the stage at B2 Atrium, Tote bag can be redeemed at Seoul Street located at Level 1.

Free class voucher given to us by the staffs at the sports station. Unfortunately the location of the schools is really far away from our place so we would most probably be unable to utilise the free class voucher.

Right after the photo taking session, we exchange our "meet and greet" pass for a free toy sponsored by McDonalds.

This is not a sponsored post, I spent $20 buying food at the mall and felt the event is quite worth it so sharing the details here. Hope you enjoyed this post! :)

Monday, May 02, 2016

Crazy books shopping on taobao.

Taobao is one of my favourite place to do online shopping so recently I spent $499 (including gst, shipping and delivery cost for approx 30kg parcel) and I decide to record some of the items right here for future reference :D

*All prices stated in this post is in SGD.

All these for about $4, the sticker and mini glue stick at the back is free.

All these for about $4, the mini ring at the back is free.

A top for my nephew, a top, a headband and 2 shorts for W, total approx $27.

Socks, shorts and cardigan for W, total approx $24.

Next few photos are story books and activity books I bought to fill up the book shelves in my house. :P  (Approx $365 for 181 books + 66 mini booklets!)

24 story books and 66 mini booklets, total approx $74.

6 Kumon books, 6 story books, 1 activity book (which W finished very quickly), total approx $55.

6 puzzles, 10 colouring books, 2 mathematics book, 12 story books, total approx $40

5 activity books, 1 colouring book, 6 storybooks, 2 cook books, total approx $35.

8 storybooks and 18 activity books (seller sent 4 of the books in the wrong title and I somehow can't purchase the 4 books from the sets) total approx $32.

17 Storybooks, 16 activity books, 4 Kumon books, total approx $85

37 storybooks, 6 activity books, total approx $47.

What's your favourite buys online?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Edible food.

5 years ago.. I couldn't even cook proper instant noodles (somehow it gives me tummy ache..)

After many failed attempts (in the past few years) I'm finally cooking edible food!
Well at least good enough for me lah!

As I'm mostly eating with my first born, most of my meals would include
Protein (fish/chicken/meat/tofu/beans/egg)
Vegetable for fibre
and some carbs.

Here's just some of the meals I've done recently..
Okay maybe you're not interested.. so well for my own reference? haha.

Lazy day.. I can't remember if this was for lunch?
Chicken, macaroni, vegetable, (mine with spring onion hee)

Fish, Ladies finger, bean sprout, white rice.

White rice, fried egg, mushroom, carrot, broccoli and cauliflower.

Fried cauliflower rice, egg, luncheon meat, green peas, corn, onion, carrot.
Looks like there's no carbs in this meal but just a reminder that vegetables do contain carbs too! :D

Brown rice, tofu, cauliflower, carrots, green veg (idk name), 
ladies fingers, fried tomato and egg, fried fish.

This is my overnight oats, usually for lunch.

Chicken, Macaroni, mushroom, carrots, celery.
Not enough fibre in this.. probably ran out of vegetable that day...

Pasta, ladies fingers, crabstick, eggplant/brinjal , prawns, bean sprout.

Wholemeal mesa or is it beehoon? Minced meat, mushroom, carrot, broccoli.

Long beans, brown rice, seafood soup (bitter guard, tofu, prawns, fish, crabstick, tomato)
Soup base is made using fish bones, chicken bones, ginger and garlic.

Tofu, minced meat with bitter guard
Minestrone macaroni soup (kidney beans, carrots,  tomato, onion, barley, celery)

Broccoli, fried cauliflower rice egg, sausage?, french bean, carrot.

Wholemeal beehoon fish soup (black fungus, carrots, tomato, cauliflower)
Soup base is made using chicken bones, ginger and garlic.

Eggplant/brinjal, bell peppers with bean sprout, chicken, button mushroom, cabbage and broccoli.

Monday, April 11, 2016

My recent purchase on cotton on. :D

Well.. recently I've expended (expecting) so of cause I need to buy new clothes right? :P

Can no longer fit in some of the clothes so I decide to order some clothes online.. Cotton on was having an online sale so I decide to order through them. :D

Ordered on 5th, received on 8th, which is not too bad considering that delivery was free. :D

I bought total 12 pieces (7 Shorts, 1 dress (sleepwear) and 4 tees) for only $55 including delivery! That's less than $5 per piece!

Clothes are comfortable (soft and not "prickly") and sizing runs big. I'm usually wearing size L clothes but for this order almost all items are size M and there's room to spare!

I was wearing my old pregnancy dresses (yes the ones from 2012) but I had to jab 4x a day and lifting up my dress to jab my tummy is just not very convenient so I'm stuck with shorts and tees for a long while.. Good thing I'm a SAHM, so I am practically dressed down everyday haha. Tees and Shorts for staying at home, marketing, bringing W to school... :D

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Descendants of the Sun (DOTS)

I'm not really one who follows trends and not really the type who is crazy about love stories.. So why am I watching the latest popular show?

1. Hospital & Military (2 of my favourite components!)
I like to watch hospital, military, investigation/case solving type of dramas so having a combination of both hospital and military in a drama is the main reason why I started watching the show!

Still taken from : http://www.soompi.com

2. More than just the 2 main leads
I like it when a show is not just about the main leads.. It spends enough time on different characters and each character has their own story.. If you read comments about the show you will notice many people actually prefer the love story between another couple and it's really sweet.. :)

Still taken from : http://koalasplayground.com

3. Comedy
Parts of the show is serious and heart pumping exciting but there are also many parts that are funny. Like the bromance (how they sabo each other) or some childish scenes that really makes you laugh out loud.. making the drama really enjoyable.

4. Short Drama
With only 16 episodes, I don't have to spend too much time chasing the show!

5. Eye Candies
Song Joong-ki (knew him from early Running Man episodes) , Onew (Shinee), a bunch of topless guys lol.. need I say more? :P

6. Relatable
My significant other is a civil servant so his job is off limits to me which means I can quite relate to the lead's feelings.. It's really not easy to be together with someone who cannot tell you anything about their job. You don't know what they do, sometimes don't know where they are and well you just don't know when they are free to spend time with you or when he will suddenly need to be away after a call..

So these are the reasons why I'm watching this drama, how about you?
Have you watched the show? Do you like or not like it? :D
If you have not decide to watch it, will you watch it after reading my 2 cents worth? :D

Friday, March 04, 2016

Number 2

Curious people have been asking me when's number 2 since I had number 1 for a few years already.. so here.. I'm happy to announce.. we're having number 2!