Thursday, April 30, 2009

uglyfatchick's readers get 50% discount!

Advertorial : Frinky's Sprees

I've been waiting for ages..
Yes, my first advertorial but this one is somewhat complementary for a friend.
You as a reader can gain from this!
So, read all the way to the end ok? :)

It's no secret that Shopping is my soft addiction.
I love to shop.
I love to find the best deal.
I love to buy pretty things..

And I love to participate in online sprees because I can buy pretty things at the comfort of my home + the fact that some items are cheaper than what's being sold in stores!

My regular spree handler increased her handling rates from $1 to $1.50 and I felt it's a bit too much for me to bare, therefore I stopped purchasing stuffs through her..

Then my hands got itchy. I needed my shopping spree addiction fix.
Together with ShaXiaoMei, we joined a pre-order for some rings and brooch from an online seller. Since 31 March till now, I've yet to get my stuffs!

I got a little unhappy so I decide to look for a good spree handler.
And that's how I decide to try my friend's service.

Sharon is my secondary school classmate and she owns Frinky's Sprees.
She has this on-going taobao spree which is damn cool.

Some pretty stuffs I just collected.

7 Reasons why you should spree with Frinky's Sprees.

3 sprees are opened per month and each spree is open for only 10 days!
Which means you no longer have to wait FOREVER for a spree to close.

Even though she wrote that orders may take up to 4 weeks, I got my items in 2 weeks!
My previous regular spree handler takes more than 4 weeks!

Shipping charges are quite transparent, thus you can trust that she wouldn't anyhow charge you.
My previous spree handler collects $3 per item from us first, and even though she always say that she will give us the change back if it cost lesser, I never got any back from her and even have to pay extra sometimes..

Agent fee is only 11%! I've seen handlers charging 15% of total purchase!

Collection is at Tiong Bahru Taxi Stand.
Most handlers stay either all the way to the East of Singapore or all the way to the west of Singapore, so inconvenient loh. Tiong Bahru is located nearer to central and no matter where you stay, it's not too far away. :)

Handling fee is only $1.00 per item! As my reader, you would be able to get a super hot deal.
From now till end of June 2009, when you email her your order form, state that you are uglyfatchick's reader and you'll only pay $0.50 per item!

Seven: Save money by not paying those "extra middleman" aka blogshop owners..

I got these beautiful beautiful babies for half the price what some blogshops are selling at!!!

Remember, if you want to save more money, do quote that you're uglyfatchick's reader to get a 50% discount off handling fee! ;)
Till end of June 2009 only!!

If you're interested in having an advertorial on my blog, do email me at miss.uglyfatchick@gmail (dot) com.