Monday, February 23, 2009

2 papers down 2 more to go.

Totally no confidence cause no matter how I tried to study also nothing much go into my brain. argh. Don't like it. :(

My Pet Society Kitchen.

Finally took out my eyelash extenstions yesterday and now they feel so much shorter. Almost non-existence :(

Reach there about 1 hour earlier than stated appointment time and decide to do express mani & pedi since promotion price at $18. Poor hubby waited more than a hour for me loh.

With Flash.

I think it looks better than in photo.
No photo of my smelly toes because I keep getting this ugly colour on my camera. :(

I prefer classic mani & pedi more, cause it makes me feel more pampered + I like it when they take out those dead skin stuffs.. But classic more expensive lah. During my birthday then do the classic one. Got 50% off. :p

Alright got to go prepare to go out.
Trying something new today. :)