Monday, February 02, 2009

Mani + Pedi for CNY 2009

It's the first year that I decide to do Mani + Pedi just for Chinese New Year.
Heck, I even did eyelash extension + hair rebonding for CNY this year!

It's one of those years that I actually put in effort and money to look pretty pretty de loh..
But till now I haven be able to get back the money I spent from my Ang Pows.
Hahas. Silly me. Overspend liao.

I love my nails. The base is actually white but it looks pink here cause the wall behind me is pink in colour...

Choose classic french for toes cause I want something simple.

I don't look very pretty in this photo but I put here anyway cause it shows the white base colour of my nails.

Yes, I'm happy with my nails. :)