Tuesday, February 03, 2009

125g of Big Emotions + where to save 7% GST!

18 January 2009 at Changi Airport

Realised I've blogged happy stuffs for the past few posts,
30 Jan: Chicky got free masks!
31 Jan: I got free stuffs again! Thanks to my blog viewers!
31 Jan: Happy 4th Birthday Bloggie!
01 Feb: My first Nuffang Cheque!! Woo hoo~
02 Feb: Mani + Pedi for CNY 2009

I have decided that I will continue to blog more happy stuffs..
Or would you prefer to read/see more of unhappy stuffs? Hmm..

Today, I will blog about a quite recent but not so recent trip to Airport Changi with Hubby. :)

Cute recycling bins. :)

2009 Chinese New Year Display at Changi Airport.

Some info on Lunar New Year.
Can click to enlarge the photo to read. :)

Mickey Mouse.

Mickey and I.

Water feature.
Water represents luck, in 2009 let us all have more luck and Huat ah!


A ugly me with Pluto.
I had to cover my face cause I look really ugly in this photo lah.

Monkey: Compatible with Dragon.

Dragon: Compatible with Monkey. Hee.


We decide to go walk around in T3 since I didn't really get to shop the previous time I was there.

Hubby bought this for me.

125grams of Big Emotions! lols. Don't know what's that.

Little black box.

Tadah~ Chocolates! This tiny box cost around $14!!!

Yes I know I promised to tell you where to buy things to save 7% GST in my title.
It's at... Changi Airport T3!

Most of the retail shops there are absorbing the 7% GST! You have to check with the shops if they are participating in it cause some shops don't want to participate loh.

You can read more about the news here. :)

Anyway hubby help me paid for these from Watson.
They also absorbing the 7% GST, so if you have a lot of things to buy and you stay near to Changi airport, can go there and see see walk walk loh. :)