Saturday, January 31, 2009

I got free stuffs again! Thanks to my blog viewers!

About 2 months ago I blogged about being the top 20 Referrals for fr3b in the month of November 2008. You can read my "Thank You speech" there. :p

Anyway, really thanks to those readers/viewers who joined Singapore 1st online sampling platform through my blog and Fr3b and also this month's sponsor, Lioele I've got more free stuffs today! :)

So here's my reward for being the top 20 referral for fr3b in the month of December 2008.

This time I cabbed down to Bugis just to collect my reward. :)

It comes in a pretty nice box.

Tadah~ It's a Hot Pink Princess Mirror.
I know the colour shown here is more red than pink, but it's really more pink than red irl (in real life).

Give a female blogger "anything" and she can camwhore with it.
Too little photos? Don't worry.. There are more photos of the mirror and me later. :)

Other than a mirror, I also got something special in the brown paper bag.. :)

Yummy donuts! I ate the chocolate one it's choco outside and choco inside! :)
Gave my brothers the pink one hahas. They didn't say it's nice or not...

Alright, back to more photos of the mirror..

I like the design on the back..

But I like the shiny border on the top of the mirror more!!

Makes me look damn chio lah! hee.

Mirror mirror on my hand, who's the cutest chick blogger of them all?

Wearing Lioele Beyond solution BB cream + some loose powder + a bit of blusher.
Photo taken around 11plus, so eyes a bit tired le.

Alright, last photo and that's it. :)


In case you're lost and don't know what I'm talking about, you can read more about this sampling platform and my first pack of free samples here.

Basically, it's a website from Singapore that allows locals to get samples for free.
They will send it to your doorstep/mailbox for a small delivery and handling fee which ranges from $0.80 to $ 4.08, depending on the weight of the samples you choose.

To date, I've redeem about 15-16 packs of free samples and have completed reviewing about 13 packs. I still have so many samples but so little time to try them! To read reviews of all the items I've sampled, you can click here.

If you like to try new stuffs without paying the full amount to get the retail size just to try, or feel paiseh to get free sample from counters, you should give this website a try. :)

If you're interested to join, feel free to click on this little banner.

PS: I know some people think that I make money from this, honestly, my only gain for introducing this website to you guys/girl is being in the top 20 referrals and receiving small tiny rewards in return. Oh yes, and of cause seeing my friends enjoying their samples from this free sampling platform. :)