Friday, January 30, 2009

Chicky got free masks!

Last week I came home to a yellow envelope on my mini tiny table.
Didn't order anything lately and wonders who's the sender..

Open it hurriedly, and ta dah~

It's 1 Neutrogena mask and 1 SK-II Mask!

It's from a reader, C.
I send her the leftover sample of the Lotree BB cream to try and she sent me 2 masks! That's so sweet of her. :)

I haven't got the chance to review the masks.. Plus the many packs of samples waiting for me to review them, but now really no time ah!! A lot of assignments to rush out. After assignments is exams. I promise I'll update with a couple of reviews once I'm done with my assignments k..

Thanks babe!


C said...

Oh great that u've received them. I was still worried if it could have gone to the wrong address.

Hope u will like the masks. They come in very useful esp when u've tired skin and putting a mask for a mere 15-20mins will instantly do wonders for ur skin!

Cheers to being mei mei always :)

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Thanks eh.. I've been working on assignments till late nights that my skin all tired le.. :)

Yeah! Cheers to being mei mei everyday! :)

Anonymous said...

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