Friday, May 08, 2009

Uglyfatchick's First Spa Mani/Pedi :)

Did my first Spa Mani/Pedi yesterday to make full use of the birthday month promo 50% discount!

Normally if I want some pampering I would choose Classic Mani/Pedi.
Express Mani/Pedi is the cheapest, but because they dun remove all those stuffs around your nail (I think it's call cuticles) & those dead skin under you feet, the end result wouldn't be that nice loh..

Classic is a little more expensive but it's worth it if you have like an event to go to..
Eg. CNY, DnD, Birthday Party, Product Launch, Presentation, Photoshoot or any event that require you to meet lots of important clients and guest.. :)

Spa is the most expensive but if you enjoy having your hands and feet pampered, stuffed into heating gloves and socks, and end up with really smooth skin for the next 2-3 days.. Spa will be totally for you. :)

Normally they will serve you complimentary drinks so don't be shy and ask for water if you feel thirsty.. I'll usually ask for warm green tea or plain water. :)

This is some new colour from Opi I quite like it but it's a little light on my feet, maybe next time try this on fingers.. :)

I like this polish I think it's princess rocks or something.
Keep choosing this. :p
Sometime back in Feb I choose this when I did express Mani/Pedi..

Even though it's the same nail polish, if you compare the previous visit's picture and this you'll notice my nails looks nicer this time loh. :)

But my favourite would be the different colour one I did for CNY...
When I have another big event then I go do my nails again. :p