Monday, May 02, 2016

Crazy books shopping on taobao.

Taobao is one of my favourite place to do online shopping so recently I spent $499 (including gst, shipping and delivery cost for approx 30kg parcel) and I decide to record some of the items right here for future reference :D

*All prices stated in this post is in SGD.

All these for about $4, the sticker and mini glue stick at the back is free.

All these for about $4, the mini ring at the back is free.

A top for my nephew, a top, a headband and 2 shorts for W, total approx $27.

Socks, shorts and cardigan for W, total approx $24.

Next few photos are story books and activity books I bought to fill up the book shelves in my house. :P  (Approx $365 for 181 books + 66 mini booklets!)

24 story books and 66 mini booklets, total approx $74.

6 Kumon books, 6 story books, 1 activity book (which W finished very quickly), total approx $55.

6 puzzles, 10 colouring books, 2 mathematics book, 12 story books, total approx $40

5 activity books, 1 colouring book, 6 storybooks, 2 cook books, total approx $35.

8 storybooks and 18 activity books (seller sent 4 of the books in the wrong title and I somehow can't purchase the 4 books from the sets) total approx $32.

17 Storybooks, 16 activity books, 4 Kumon books, total approx $85

37 storybooks, 6 activity books, total approx $47.

What's your favourite buys online?

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