Monday, May 04, 2015

Review :

April was really month of shopping for me so do expect some review/shopping related posts for the next few weeks? :D

I own a top from Uniqlo and really love it, however I find that the items in the shops are often out of my budget (SAHM = not much budge to shop).

When I saw AIRism Tops on online exclusive sale I ordered a few for my family. :D

Item :
Kids AIRism U-neck Short Sleeve T-shirt, Men AIRism Crew Neck T-shirt (Short Sleeve) and Women AIRism Scoop Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt 

Price : Kid's Tee $4.90, Men's Tee $12.90, Women's Tee $9.90 (exclusive sale price)
Bought 2 kid's tee, 2 women's tee, 1 men's tee and 1 legging pants for S$62.40 including free shipping!

Service Review :
Overall okay but the delivery service can be improved.

Ordered on 22nd April, receive confirmation and tracking code on 23rd April.
On 24th April delivery was unsuccessful, remarked "Delivery could not be completed due to inclement weather conditions". This I understand as it was raining quite a bit the whole month..
On 25th April, Delivery personnel did not deliver parcel, instead he/she left a notice at my gate! I know this because that morning my husband is at the kitchen fixing breakfast for me. He was at most 2metres away for the door and no one knocked or even press on the door bell! We saw the notice 2mins after he left it there! It's on a Saturday so I was forced to collect the parcel 2 days later (Monday 27th April).

Product Review :
All 3 of us, hubby, little one and myself love the tops! It's soft, very comfortable and really suitable to be worn at home or as a inner piece. It's stretchy and really feels cooler wearing it (awesome for the recent heat wave).

Would I recommend it? :
Yes I would. Especially their sale items! Value for money and the quality is really good. :D

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