Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review : Memory Foam Mat

Yes, online shopping again~

Okay just a short story... The few times that I met the delivery man at the door as I leave my house [he was delivering things to my neighbour (whom I presume is also a online shop shopaholic like me.) :P] Instead of "hello" he would say "don't have your parcel" so that I can leave home without waiting to see if I have any parcels with him. :P

Item : Stripes Memory Foam Mat
Price : $5.30 each (additional charge for shipping)

Product Review :
I was using another mat that my mum bought and also the cheap Ikea one that I bought a long while ago.. Both didn't feel that good as it doesn't dry our feet well and feels rough on our feet. This foam mat is good. It's very soft and does it's job well. :D

Usage :
Open package, put mat on the floor with the softer part facing up. lol.

Bought 1 in beige and 1 in purple.

Beige matches the colours of my house.

Purple is really sweet looking. :D

Will I recommend it? :
Yes I will. Even though it's not cheap it's really comfortable so it's worth the price. I love how it feels under my feet. Every morning it makes me happy when I step on it before I step into the bathroom.

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