Friday, April 10, 2015

Cotton On Online Purchase + Art Stencil for my toddler

I love free shipping and I love sales.
I think I've blogged about cotton on before and yes I just ordered some items online again.

This time I bought 10 items for SGD50 including delivery.


1. Slippers $2
2. Stencil Kit $5
3. Huge Wooden Peg $1
4. Bralette $10
5. Long sleeve top $5
6. BATGIRL Tee $5
7. Red Shorts $5
8. Kids Raincoat $5
9.  Kids Long Sleeve Top $7
10. Kids Shorts $5

This is to replace my previous pair of slippers which is getting too slippery.
Fits me quite well and it's only $2.

Fine Motor Skill : Stencil Kit

This Stencil kit is really worth it!
Usual Price is $17.95 but it's only $5 during sale!

Originally thought it's a small stencil but it's actually 10 huge stencil.

Here's my little one exploring the stencil using Homemade Paint and a little sponge.

It's fun and it's reusable!
Love it! Best purchase.

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