Monday, October 29, 2012

Random Cute Stuffs - Oct 2012.

I have a cute bag, or so I've been told. heh.
Even though it's cute I doubt many people will carry it out though. :P

 This is how my husband carries my bag. -.-'

Will you carry this bag out? :D

Oh. One weekend I was at the Supermarket when I saw a huge friendly Mushroom.
It's very popular with the aunties and kids..
Look how happy the kids are.. :)

And last weekend, we went to town for a friend's son's first birthday party.
It's a family friend, so my mother in law, sister in law (brother in law's wife), my nephew and us took the same cab down. :)
Here's a super random photo I took of my nephew and husband. :D
The both of them are always camera ready. -.-'

Last random cute stuff.
 I got these rings online. They are damn cute.
Mahjong Tile Rings!

Bought more so I can give them away on Xmas and people can wear them during CNY. Hahs.
I just somehow always link Mahjong with CNY, guess it's somewhat like a tradition to play mahjong or card games during CNY. Like it's the only official period to play for many hours and no one will complain..

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