Wednesday, May 25, 2011

23rd Birthday Treat (Part 4) 9 May 2011

Must be very boring to see the same title everyday right? :p
Be glad, cause this is the last part of my 23rd Birthday celebrations. hee.

On actual day..
Sis suddenly appeared at my workplace with my Birthday present. :D
Very thoughtful of her and Serene to get me presents. :)

Something from The Icing Room..

Sweet! :D

Cute bears with a balloon and chocolates. :D

Love you both too. :)

After celebrating in the office, I had dinner with one of my colleague, Chloe. :)

We decide to try a new place call Soup Broth Asia.

She gave me a treat and we both don't think we'll be back again. :(

The only item we didn't whine about. :p

My sides..

Chloe's sides..

We had the same soup and we both didn't like it. :(

Alright.. that's the end of all my 23rd Birthday Treat entries. :D

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