Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A step closer...

to be Mrs Wee.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yesterday I....

1) Nearly died.
2) Nearly got my bag locked in the office.
3) Hurt my back.
4) All of the above.

Answer: 4

Nearly died.
Someone in my family came home at 3+am in the morning, turn on the gas to heat up soup and then went to sleep.
The soup boil until dry up and it started to burn and smoked the whole kitchen.
All of us were asleep then..
Lucky my mum smell the burning smell, woke up and went to the kitchen to turn off the fire if not all of us would have died. If that person does it again I wouldn't hesitate to tell him off. Grrr..
If I'm still alive that is.. -.-

Nearly got my bag locked in the office.
I just started work on Wednesday and my department seems to always go home on time. Yesterday I had to go to the toilet at 5.50pm, I told someone I'm going to the toilet but when I came out of the toilet I saw my supervisor at the lift. She notice that I'm not carrying my bag and ask me to hurry walk back to the office because they are locking up. -.- Lucky the colleague who locked up was on his way out when I caught him, if I missed him, my bag would be locked in there until Monday. -.-''

Hurt my back.
Shouldn't have slept at 3am. If you're too tired, you're not advised to do any form of exercise. You're putting yourself and others in danger loh.. I think I hurt myself when I was trying to sleep in the bus, on my way home after Zumfit class. :p

See. My life is so "damn exciting" that it put me to orh orh. :p

Monday, June 22, 2009

I love eyebrow treading! (Before/After photo)

Both photos taken without makeup/flash.

I don't know about you, but I think I look neater after having my brows and upper lip treaded. :)
If you've never had your brows shapped, go get it shaped soon!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

1 picture = thousand words?

What can you tell from this picture?

1. Chicky's face has become chubbier.
2. The fringe is too long and I need to have it cut soon.
3. DIY painted nail tips turn out super un-chio because I have no skill.
4. Panda eyes because I've been sleeping at odd hours..
5. I took this photo at 2+am. -.-'.
6. I'm not at my house because the wall at my back is Yellow..
7. I am using a product call Deep Sleep.

What you do not know...
1. Is having toothache again.
2. Need to get my brows fixed!
3. Love my toned calf and wishes most parts of my body to be as toned as my calf.
4. Completed all 11 Episodes + 1 special Episode of Absolute Boyfriend.
5. Thinking of how to make full use of my last 2 days before I get busy with work...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last few days of "freedom".

Starting work in a few days. Sudden urge to chiong a few shows. :p

Manage to complete 2 Taiwan dramas (Fated To Love You) & (Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan).

Now planning to chiong either:
1. Absolute Boyfriend (Japanese Drama) 11 Ep.
2. Boys Before Flowers (Korean Drama) 25 Ep.
3. 當狗愛上貓 (H.K Drama) 20 Ep.
4. 肥田囍事 (H.K Drama) 21 Ep.

Guess I'll start with Absolute Boyfriend since it's only 11Ep. :p


Thursday, June 18, 2009

3 new collections! (Limited stocks)

Advertorial : The Dressup Store

Since my previous advertorial for thedressupstore,
They've updated their blogshop with 3 new collections!!

Do note that all items have very limited stocks (2-3 pieces each design) and all are brand new, instocks.

Metal Bangles..


And Pearl Bracelets..

Owner of the blogshops believe in honesty and wish to state that.
All items are Korean style inspired and not from Korea.

There are many blogshop owners who label their pre-order items or even instock items as "Korean accessories", they even use pictures taken from their suppliers who takes them from Korean websites. When customers receive their items, the quality is different from what it looks like in the pictures. If you do not want to be disappointed, do ask for actual photos. :)

At thedressupstore, all photos of products are taken by the owner using her digital camera. So you will get what you see. :)

If you're interested in having an advertorial on my blog, do email me at miss.uglyfatchick@gmail (dot) com.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Super busy since after exams..

Have been busy since after the exams..
Don't know what I'm busy with right?

1. Job searching + Job applications sending.

2. Seoul Garden + Kboxing with coursemates on Wednesday
And I forgot to take photos!!! Argh.. -.-'

3. Chiong-ed Taiwanese Drama, "Fated To Love You" with mummy!

4. Sourcing for more pretty things for thedressupstore.

5. Collecting the goods for thedressupstore which I ordered 2 weeks ago..

So next, I will be doing..

1. More intense Job searching + Job applications sending

2. Hopefully some interviews and get a job soon!

3. Photo capturing for collection 3.

4. Photo uploading + editing for collection 3.

5. Upload + launch + advertorial for Collection 3.

6. Pack room/cupboards!!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

It's Friday again! :)

Remember my first Zumfit class?

Last week I had my Second Zumfit Class..

We had a bigger room... which I like.. :)

And I got FREE SOYJOY Bars to bring home. :)

Today's the 3rd class already... So fast right??
Can't wait to finish my exam and go play..
7.15-8.15pm tonight. weee~~~

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Accessories Blogshop!

Advertorial : The Dressup Store

The Dressup Store officially launched on 1st June 2009 with 2 mini collections. The owner is a 21 year old "Auntie" who loves shopping a lot!

Through the years, the owner has brought thousands of things online and collected a whole bunch of bad online shopping experience. With this experience, she decide to open a blogshop which she hopes to create a better shopping experience for her customers.

These are some of the things she is trying to achieve.

1. No long waiting time.

Many of the blogshop does not bring in stock and thus when she see something she likes, she has to join online sprees and pre-orders. All sprees and pre-orders comes with the hateful long waiting time. Even the shortest time taken is 2 weeks and the longest took more than 2 months. -.-

Therefore the owner decides to order limited number of items and bring them in to sell instead. So, all items in her blogshop are instock!

2. Photos of real item.

Ever bought an item online and when you receive it, it doesn't look like the item you saw on the photo in the blogshop? Most blogshop owners does not have the stock or are too lazy to take photos of the actual item. They simply put whatever photos they can find online or from their suppliers.

All photos of items are taken by the owner using her Sony digital camera which is slightly better compared to those poor quality photos taken by handphone camera. At The Dressup Store, what you see is what you get!

3. Simple Blog Layout.
Ever been to a super confusing blogshop or blogshop that takes forever to load or has loud music that scares you while you're blogshop hopping? The owner does not believe in forcing her favourite type of music on her customers. She also believes that the time taken to create a "perfect" layout could be better spent on sourcing for more stocks to bring in.

If you're looking for blogshops that blasts loud music or one that takes 20mins to load, I'm sad to inform you, The Dressup Store is not the blogshop that you're looking for.

4. Save more on shipping.

Many blogshops in order to make it simple for themselves, they would state the "item + shipping" price, for example (item price 19 + shipping price 1, they would state..) SGD20 mailed. So, when you purchase more than 1 item from their blogshop you have indirectly paid more for shipping.

Case scenario: The normal shipping for 1 item is $1.00 and the normal shipping rate to send out 3 items together is $1.50. You would be indirectly paying $3.00 for normal shipping instead of $1.50!

At The Dressup Store, shipping and handling fee is separated from the item price. When you purchase more than 1 item, the owner will recalculate the postage fee for you.

5. Low Additional Cost (Labour)
Some blogshops are maintained by more than 1 person thus they have to markup their item selling price more, in order to make enough from each sale to benefit everyone. This is also known as "Labour cost". The Dressup Store is owned and maintained by the one and only owner.

6. Low Additional Cost (Other Additional)
Other additional cost comes from special web designing, model's fee for modelling their items and photography fee. Imagine you have to pay more just to see people with good figures or a pretty face to wear items you don't know if it looks good on you.

7. No Additional Cost (Advertising)
The are blogshops that spend quite a bit on advertising and advertorials, where do you think their budget for advertising come from? If you think it's from their own pockets.. think again.. ;)

Well, before you start asking isn't this an advertorial?
Yes, this is an advertorial, but it's complimentary!

The owner of The Dressup Store is myself, Chicky.
Hahas. Well, hope you guys and girls take sometime out to check out The Dressup Store and Chicky's Cannla Auctions.

Please do not copy and paste any part of my advertorial and claim that it's yours, I spend more than 8 hours compiling ideas, organising, typing, taking photos, editing the photos, uploading them and re-organise everything so that it looks good.
Thank you very much! :)

If you're interested in having an advertorial on my blog, do email me at miss.uglyfatchick@gmail (dot) com.


Monday, June 01, 2009

Change blogskin photo.

Decide to change the photo on top of this blog post area after some considerations.

Mainly because the 9 photos college is too colourful and messy ah..

Then also because if I miss out anyone important in my life it'll make them look like they are not important when in fact everyone around me is important to me.

I choose to use my own photos because my blog is all about me! Since it's so "zi lian" why not go all the way? Use photos of friends and family like so "zuo zuo".. I love my friends and family but why place their photos there when all you read is about me. :p
My likes, my dislikes, what I love, what I hate, what I enjoy, what I detest and everything that's happening to me. :)