Thursday, May 21, 2009

My first Zumfit class with Honeymeow

Bah. By now, you should have seen my pale fat face on honeymeow's blog.

Yes, the one with chubby cheeks all the way to the right is me.

It's my first zumfit lesson and I had fun!

I have been hesitant in joining dance classes up till now it's because I'm quite lousy at following moves (okay and also very clumsy..) so I always have the fear that if I do the actions wrongly, someone will laugh at me..

The moves are not too difficult, so no I didn't fall down and also no one laugh at me lah. if not I also wouldn't dare to take photo with them right? so paiseh.. :p

I enjoyed it also because it's not too "heavy" (only 1hr!) so it's really good for those who are looking for a workout to start, without the stressful feeling.. (e.g no killer gym instructors making you do the impossible!)

The dance studio is somewhere in town, so it's not too far to the east or the west. Fees wise I think it's quite reasonable at about $10 per session. Do check out her blog for more details and contact her if you wanna join.

Can't wait for my next lesson! :)

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