Friday, February 27, 2009

Why should we settle for less? MacDonalds

Remember not too long ago I blogged about the "ba-gua" thin beef patties in MacDonald's Big Mac? This time we were at queensway's MacDonalds and hubby tried their Fillet-o-fish..

Hubby thought it looked weird with the small piece of cheese sticking out.

He open up and said. OMG what happen to the "size of the" cheese?

I think it's like half??? -.-''

If I'm not wrong, in order to cut cost for the special lunch time promotion, MacDonalds reduce whatever product that they can reduce. But problem is, I didn't purchase my food during the special promotion time why should I pay the "full amount" and get lesser food then normal???

Anyway I wrote a feedback to them, really interested to know why my food getting smaller and lesser. -.-'' And they have yet to reply me. -.-


Aaron Peng said...

I used to work in Macdonalds, so all i can say is that ... a fillet o fish has only half a slice of cheese there. It's always been like that.

But regarding the food sizes getting smaller. It IS very true. And its a very subtle thing too.

Employees will realize that but customers (like me), who are hungry now has to eat a mcspicy meal upsized + an additional double cheeseburger to be full.

Sigh, and that costs me like 8-9 bucks.


uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Really ah? I don't know leh. Cause I do eat fillet but the cheese have never been this tiny before. :( Cause I have the habit of taking out some cheese before I eat burger. Unless I'm sharing with someone..

Defector also didn't realise the burgers are getting smaller but I spotted it cause I often open up my burgers to take out some cheese or eat the veges first.. so I notice the food inside.. Plus my hand size small mah if the burger become smaller easy for me to tell. hahas.

HeHeHunter said...

It depends on area.

Certain area, they give full cheese~

Maybe you're the unlucky one.

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

yah loh. I think I very unlucky with MacDonalds food leh. :(

Anonymous said...

Yes I realised too and the picture looks like a full slice of cheese.felt a bit cheated.

Anonymous said...

isnt the cheese a full size?!?!? it's sticking on the fillet la

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Anon 1: yah loh misrepresentation.

Anon 2: No. I've included the part that is sticking on the fillet and it's still lesser than normal size. TYVM.

Josephine said...

cost cutting...

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

I'm starting to go elsewhere more.

Anonymous said...

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