Saturday, February 07, 2009

Marina Barrage Part 2: In the Sun (Photos).

Marina Barrage Part 1: Gallery

So after the gallery the guild brought us somewhere nice..
Up-up-up we went..

Non-Smoking facility.


Tadah~ Big field. :) Nice a not?
Sorry I couldn't siam the Aunty, she suddenly walk in front of me to take photo..

I think that's the gate.

I love this photo. No matter what I do to it, it will look nice. :)

This place is call Green Roof. :)

It's really windy there. :)

View very nice loh. Don't know at night nice anot?

More big fields and fountains.

I think sure a lot of people go there take wedding photo de loh.. so pretty. :)

Water everywhere..

Downstairs.. Looking for toilet and I found...

The entrance. -.-
We came in the big bus and stopped at the carpark so didn't get to see this entrance..

Looking for the rest of them cause I actually wondered off on my own to look for toilet..

I didn't go in so I don't know if the things there are expensive.

Found the toilet. :)

Water playground.

Ideal for little children. :)

One of those statues.

That I have no idea what it means?
Women so strong can carry the whole world??

On our way back I see recycling bins. :)

Entrance to gallery at second floor.

That's the Gallery!! Remember in part one there's a place I took a photo from inside the gallery? Yes, it's there. :)

Bye Marina Barrage. :)

End the post with some of those who went. :)
Some of them didn't want to take photo..