Friday, February 06, 2009

Marina Barrage Part 1: Gallery (Photos).

Went to Marina Barrage with the school sometime last month.
Or should I say the class? But my class combines with another class for lessons de. In fact I think I'm one of those from my actual class who went. aiya i know it's confusing. Let's just say I went with the school ok?

Nearly missed the school bus. Many people didn't turn up so they waited a little while more. My group of girls all didn't turn up. I was alone.. so poor thing right? :(

Anyway I wasn't really listening, just took a lot of photos for reference.
Photos are all click-able. :)

This water droplet thingy reminds me of the blood droplet doll you always see at blood donation center.

Gallery Entrance.

Bottles of NEWater.

This is Gallery 1, the colour of the light will change and suppose to tell a story but I couldn't really hear what the guild says.

I remember he said blue is good or something like that..
Then red and green is don't know what. :p

Lots of plastic bottles!! but as you can see a lot of itchy hands already been here. -.-

Old newspaper...

I forgot why I took photo of this light. Hee.

Gallery 2 I think? Water History leh.

This thing is quite cool, when you stand under it, it'll play the recording and only you who's standing under it can hear the recording. :)

View from inside.

Moving to Gallery 3..

This is Gallery 3 and it's very nice, with a lot of nature sound. :)

I think this is at the end of Gallery 3.

Gallery 4 is interesting cause got demo. :)

Learn how the thing works so that there wouldn't be any flood when high or low tide. :)


9 amazing facts but we didn't really stop to read..

The making.
This video is very cool but then we didn't really stop to watch also. :(

We move on to Gallery 5.

Don't really know what's this. it's just at a corner the floor. -.-

This is very cute. See the bottom right photo?
I'm standing at AMK leh! :P

Bubbles in Water.

I like the effect. :)

And we move on to Gallery 6.

There's this little tunnel full of tiny lights.

And you can take photos on the booths at the side and it'll appear on another TV screen for the next batch of visitors to see you. hahas.

Yes that's me.

I look weird.

You can also take a photo and send to you email address so that you can prove that you've been here. I think it's good for visitors. :)

That's all for the Gallery part. :)

Next post I'll show you a pretty place for photo shoots! :)