Friday, August 28, 2015

Toys Sale Isetan Westgate B1 Event Hall (21 Aug - 3rd Sept)

Was at Jurong East because I wanted to buy some stuffs at the supermarket. Decide to walk around the area and I saw a poster outside Isetan saying that there's Toys Sale at their event hall.

Even though I think we have way too many toys at home I still couldn't resist and went in to take a look. :p

Price Range :
From $3, Sale stated as up to 50% off but some of the items have more than 50% discount.

Range: Even though the event hall is not huge there are still a wide range of toys.
Disney (Monster Inc.), some plastic dolls, soft toys, robot cars?, Shopkins?, card games, Hello Kitty, trains, road construction set?, bags, cars, loom bands, play dough, etc..

Is it a must-go Sale? :
In my opinion? Nah.. I don't have many kids to buy toys for and some of the toys are a few seasons old so I don't think it's very good as gifts lah haha.
That said, if I happen to be in the area I would probably check them out again cause I did snag a few items yesterday. :P

These look like toys that I would play. LOL.

There are 2 different hair braiding sets and I was really tempted to get it cause I'm really terrible at braiding hair. I didn't get them in the end but if you're interested the prices are from $9.90-$13.90. Worth it if your child's a fan of WinX.

These are the cuties that went home with me. :D
Total Damage : $20.

4 Hello Kitty Bowls - $3
4 Hello Kitty Plates - $3
1 Hello Kitty Water Jug + 4 Hello Kitty Cups - $9
4 mini motorbike toy - $5

Were you there in the past week?
Snagged any good deals? :)

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