Sunday, August 09, 2015

Gross Motor Skill : Stacking Game + Knock Down Cup

Using the Beans Shaker Cups we made in the previous post, we did a few more fun activities.

Materials :
  • Beans Shaker Cups
  • Tennis Ball / Bean Bag

Steps for Stacking Game :
1. Stacking the beans shaker cups. This is not difficult but it the cups are on a table and the child have to reach to place the top few cups it's actually quite a challenge.

2. Try different ways to stack them.

3. You can every make it into a memory game for the older kids by stacking differently and get them to stack according to what you had done!

Steps for Knock Down Cup :
1. Stack cups into a triangle shape. E.g. from bottom to top (3:2:1).

2. Get toddler to roll a ball or throw a bean bag to knock them down.

3. It's not that easy to knock all of them down at 1 go actually. :P

Love it when a last min activity produces more activities.

Now I'm tempted to do a few more special shakers with my little one. :D
Items I may try next : Pom poms, sequins, straws (cut up), uncooked pasta?

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