Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fine Motor Skill : Packing Toys and Using Chopsticks

Previous post I blogged about the new toys that I made for my little one.
This post is just some of the things you can do with them to practice their fine motor skills.

Packing Toys :

Materials :
  • Small Objects
  • Zip Lock Pouches
Steps :

1. Putting small objects into small zip lock pouches.

I made 14 small packs of toys for her and she has to keep whatever she takes out.
She also learn to sort the items by picking out the correct items to put into each pouch.

Using Chopsticks: Toddler's level

Materials :
  • Small Objects
  • Kid's Chopstick
  • Bowl/Plates/Bags
Steps :

1. Mix up different objects and let him/her pick it up using chopsticks.

Have been teaching her how to use chopsticks for a while.
She is practising with the small toys and managed to do quite well so far.
She enjoys it and there's no stress that she would drop the food/waste food/dirty the place. :)

Do you have any special item that you use to train your child's chopstick holding skills? Share them with me? :)

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