Sunday, March 01, 2015

Review : La Riche Directions Semi Permanent Hair Dye Rose Red

Price : $9 only! (CNY Promo, if I'm not wrong it's still on-going!)

Service Review:
The items were sent out timely and nicely bubble wrapped. I bought 3 tubs of hair dye they only gave me 1 pair of plastic gloves.

Product Review :

Application :
Fairly easy, I put on my gloves and grab some from the tub and just smear it all over my bleached hair. The only issue I had was after I washed out I realise the colour stained the back of my neck, parts of my forehead, all my fingers, a hair brush, 3 towels and my bathroom turned pink!

Colour :
I love it! It's pinkish kind of red and the brightness is just right. I am also happy that my hair didn't look orange. Phew..

Smell / Effect :
No smell, or not much smell. Effect is not bad it's been a week plus and the red is still in my hair. Some people claims that it's conditioning but I personally feels that it feels normal? Just not too drying like some of those hair dye packs that contains bleach in it?

Extra detail : If possible get someone to help you with application and maybe wash off too cause it's really messy imo. Maybe I just dun have skill to dye my own hair, I would probably try to get help when I use the tub of Dark Turnip that I bought. :D

The additional sad story:

Last December I tried this hair dye (in violet) without bleaching my hair and the result was my previous salon dyed brown hair got even darker, almost close to black. The saddest thing is that I bought it from an instashop at $26.90! Super overpriced and I didn't know it cause the seller didn't state the brand and yes the seller is quite a popular seller on instagram. *heartbreak*

Do you like my Red Hair? Would give this a try?


Young Werther said...

Very nice! Blonde one week, red head the next ;)

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

@Young Werther thank you. :D