Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fine Motor Skill : Straws and pipe cleaners

Previously for fine motor skill I blogged about using Wooden Pegs, today's post will be on using Straws and Pipe Cleaners.

Toddler's Age : Approximate 27 months old. (suitable from 2yo)

  • Pipe Cleaners 4mm
  • Small Straws 4mm
  • Bigger Straws 5mm
(All bought from Daiso, it's my shopping haven. :P)


1. Show toddler the different materials and let him/her hold them. You can ask her to describe the item if she have never seen it before, e.g. the pipe cleaner might be something new so you can use it to brush against her skin to let her have a feel of it. It's soft, bendable and the ends may be sharp.

2. Start with showing him/her how to slot in a 4mm pipe cleaner into the 5mm straw and let him/her try it out.

3. Next you can let him/her try slotting the 4mm small straw into the 5mm bigger straw.

4. Lastly you can let him/her try slotting the 4mm pipe cleaner into the 4mm small straw.

4mm Pipe Cleaner into 5mm Straw

4mm Straw into 5mm Straw

4mm Pipe cleaners into 4mm Straw.

After she is done with all the above activity I realise the one that looks the simplest to me was actually not that easy. She have no issues with putting the pipe cleaners into straws of both sizes but when it comes to putting the smaller straw into the bigger straw she face some difficulty. Especially whenever she try to put the a sharp end of the smaller straw in first, she would struggle a little but she would persist and get it in.

Overall, this is quite fun for my little kiddo and when she accidentally bends the pipe cleaners she will pretend that it's a straw (cause it looks like those bendy straws?) and ask me to pretend using it to drink water.

After the above activity I gather a few bigger straws and get her to put in the smaller straws or the pipe cleaners with 1 hand but after 1 or 2 pieces she would use another hand to hold on to mine..

*Once she is bored and more skilled, I would most probably increases the difficulty by cutting the straw and pipe cleaners. Smaller pieces would require her to have more skill!

If you like this activity, click on the labels to see more activities!
I will try to update more soon! :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

3rd Order from Iherb + My first Popping Popcorn Experience

Not too long ago I blogged about my current new favourite online shop?
Yes this is the 3rd order I was talking about! :D

Again, this is not a paid/sponsored post, however if you use the coupon code that I will be providing I do get some form of rewards. The coupon code TBC541 gives you discount of up to $10.00 off your first order!

I love receiving parcels, it's like receiving presents!

Ordered on 17th March.
Shipped out on 19th March.
Arrived at my house on 24th March.

This time I bought a bunch of snacks/supplements!
For purchase above $40 there's a 5% discount.
In total I paid USD41.33 (SGD58.96) for this order.

Nature's Way, Fenugreek Seed, 610 mg, 180 Capsules
Nature's Way, Blessed Thistle Herb, 100 Capsules

Many mummies mention that these seeds/herbs are milk boosters so I thought I should order them to try. Fenugreek seed is retailing in most places at around SGD14-SGD18 per bottle, purchased on iherb at only SGD11.68 (before discount). Blessed Thistle is retailing at around SGD10-SGD16 per bottle, pursed on herb at only SGD8.53 (before discount).

Currently these 2 supplements are entitled to volume discount of 10-15%, so if you intend to purchase more bottles it will be even cheaper!

Barbara's Bakery, Snackimals, Animal Cookies, Chocolate Chip, 6 Bags, 1 oz (28 g) Each

Bought this for my girl as her snack in school from a shop nearby before and it's quite nice. Bought through Iherb for SGD6.94 for 6 packs. Not cheap but oh well she doesn't have cookies that often...

iHerb Goods, Day & Night Pill Organizer

This is what I choose for the trial item. Only paid SGD0.71 for this and I think it will be used well. :D

Jarrow Formulas, Organic, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 oz (454 g)

SGD16.95 (before discount) Bought this because some mummies recommend using this for many purpose. You can use it to bake, use it to apply to hair/skin etc and it's apparently another milk booster. So yeah I'm going to use it to bake! :D

The first thing I used it for is to pop popcorns though! Hee Hee.

Nairn's Inc, Oat Cookies, Dark Chocolate Chip, 7.1 oz (200 g)

I love cookies and I love dark chocolate. :D Oat cookie is also known as a milk booster so yeah it seems like a good enough excuse to buy it? SGD5.68 (before discount)

Okay this photo totally didn't do the cookies justice!
It's delicious and I will purchase again, in fact I am putting it in my shopping cart right now so when I order my 4th iherb order I will remember to purchase it! :P

I have been wanting to purchase this for a really long time. Like since I bought the happycall pan a few years back? lol. SGD5.59 (before discount).

A day after receiving my parcel I decide to pop the popcorns haha. First batch I used olive oil, second batch I used coconut oil. Coconut oil is quite nice and both times I didn't use much oil so it doesn't feel oily at all! Super healthy and at the same time it's satisfying!

My first Popping Popcorn Experience

Spread 1-2 teaspoon of oil on pan (butter works too I think.)

My happy call pan the magnet come out already. -.-'

Once the oil is hot, put in the corns and wait for it to pop.
After it starts popping you can shake it a little so that it doesn't get burn.
When no more popping sound can be heard, you can  pour out the popped popcorns in a huge bowl.

Popping popcorn is really fun and it's simple too! :)

Just a bit of popcorn and I get 1 big bowl of fresh fluffy popcorn. :D

The popping sound can be quite scary so do keep little kids away.
I was so scream-y when I opened the lip before the popping was done haha.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gross Motor Skill : Scooping Foam Alphabets/Balls (Water Play)

Gross motor skill is as important as fine motor skill, this time I decide to do something simple for my little one to train her little arms.

For this activity, there's not much to prepare and set up is kind of effortless, however as it involves water, parent/guardian need to provide 100% attention.

Toddler's Age : Approximate 27 months old. (Probably suitable from 18months?)

  • Fishing Net ($2 from Daiso)
  • Foam Alphabets n Numbers / Bath Toys / Balls / Sponge
  • Tub/Pail
  • Water


1. Wash Tub, "Fishes" and Fishing Net

2. Fill Tub/Pail with some water.
(In order not to waste water I actually let her play this fishing game after she have taken a bathe and the water used is actually from her tub time! PS I don't give her tub time everyday.)

3. Put the "fishes" in, hand the net to child

4. Name items you want him/her to scoop.
Example: A yellow ball, or a pink alphabet, or a lego piece, or alphabet X.

I don't think LO have ever seen a fishing net but once she lay her hands on it she automatically knew what to do with it. I am impressed and at the same time felt somewhat lacking? I called out colours or alphabets and she took them out correctly and really quickly too!

*Increase difficulty by increasing quantity of toys and also try putting more toys varieties.

To make it more interesting, I would give different instructions instead of asking for the items directly.  Like asking for a particular alphabet, then maybe next ask for any item of a particular colour, follow by just name of a toy (e.g. a ball, a lego), or any alphabet in a particular colour, or even name a shape! She needs to look at the items and pick up the one that fits what I describe/request.

Do you have any gross motor skill activity to recommend? :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

RIP Visionary Leader

The past 24 hours I didn't turn on the TV or Radio and I tried not to check my facebook/instagram.

Every message or article written about this great man brings tears to my eyes. If there's video on Facebook, I would skip it because I don't think I am ready for it.

Chocked by emotions so often that now I've swollen eyes and nose that hurts from all the tearing.

Why am I so affected?
Why does it felt like a close one has moved on?

When I was young, I have no interest in politics just like I don't have interest in history (it confuses and bores me). I didn't care to know who was the current president, who is the prime minister, minister and what they do. My knowledge of politics is zero because I didn't have many friends who have interest in it. My own parents doesn't find the need to tell me anything either (not that they know much since they didn't have any interest).

When I did my diploma studies a few years back, I had to write an essay about visionary leader. This was not easy for me because I wasn't well read (I don't read newspaper often, don't socialise often, yes I am what they call ignorant (井底之蛙), even though I knew the qualities (in the school provided notes), I didn't know who to base my essay on.

I have to thank my classmate who shared the person whom she knew was a visionary leader. She shared his name and I had to do my own research of cause. Till that point I have never known this great man and never knew what he did. Yes I knew many years back we separated from Malaysia and then he cried on TV but other than that I didn't really know who he is and what he has done. Doing my own research (read : google) and borrowing books from library increased my knowledge of this intelligent man and yes I am glad that he is our leader.

In the past few weeks articles have spurned up by young writers claiming they will not be sad when he moves on for various reasons but I don't blame them because I would have been one of them if I didn't know about him. Which suddenly makes me feel sad because if all parents were like my parents it wouldn't be long before the future generation becomes ignorant of the visionary leader who lead us to where we are.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fine Motor Skill : Alphabets Wooden Peg Level 1

I am always looking out for things that helps my little one develop her gross and fine motor skills.

Inspired by this post, I decide to do something simple for my little one to train her little fingers and work on her fine motor skills.

Toddler's Age : Approximate 27 months old.

  • A5 Paper
  • Printer
  • Wooden Pegs (1 pack of 28 Big ones, $2 from Daiso)
  • Pen/Marker to write on the Pegs
  • Laminate Pouch and Laminator (optional*)


1. Print out all 26 Alphabets on a piece of A5 paper.
( I choose A5 as it's easier for my toddler to handle.)

2. Laminate the A5 paper.
(Optional, but good to have as the paper will not tear that easily so you can reuse it many times!)

3. Write each of the 26 Alphabets on both sides of the Wooden Peg and you're done! :D

It's her first time seeing wooden pegs and touching them so she was naturally really excited! I had to quickly show her how I pegged 1 peg on so she can start "playing".

She fumbled for her 1st wooden peg as she couldn't really press on the tiny peg and I help by showing her how the peg works again.

For the 2nd peg she wanted to give up and ask me to put it in for her. I refuse and told her she can do it. She tried again a few times and managed to put it in.

By the 3rd peg she is able to do it with me as the "assistant" holding on to the laminated paper for her to peg it.

By the 5th peg she could hold the paper and put the peg in herself.

After the first few pegs she decide to peg random alphabets instead following the list. Eg. she choose letter S to peg on letter S and I just let her be, as long as she complete the task properly it doesn't really matter which pegs she decide to peg first..

Finally done with the whole set of 26 alphabets! She got distracted a few times but managed to complete it with me monitoring/encouraging her.

This is fun for my toddler and yes she can regconise most of the alphabets, even with my ugly handwriting! She did mistake my L for 7 and U for N though. Would probably let her play a few more times before I give her the Level 2 wooden pegs. :D

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Review : Clothes Folding Board

Item : Clothes Folding Board
Price : $6.50 not including postage.

Product Review :
I've seen this product many times but never though of purchasing it as it looks bulky and it wasn't cheap. When I saw that it's available for only $6.60 I decide to purchase it.

Application :
Easy to use! They include an instruction sheet with the board so that you can follow the instruction to fold all types of clothes. Tops, Dress, Long Pants and Long Sleeve Tops!

Colour :
Didn't get to choose the colour, but it's least of my concern cause I am not displaying it haha just take out to use when I need to fold clothes..

Extra detail :
Folding clothes becomes easier and the thing that I like most is that now my cupboard looks a little bit neater! I have many clothes with different cutting and no matter how I fold them, they always end up different size, making the clothes pile really ugly. With this folding board my clothes dun topple so easily when I put them in a stack anymore and because it's neater it's quite easy to spot the different clothes too!

Love it!

My new favourite online shop!

This post is about my second order.
As I am writing this post my 3rd order is on it's way.. :P

There's so much I want to rave about this shop and no this is not a paid/sponsored post, however if you use the coupon code that I will be providing I do get some form of rewards. The coupon code TBC541 gives you discount of up to $10.00 off your first order!

My current favourite online shop is the awesome iherb.com!

Located in the US however not to worry cause shipping to SG is actually quite affordable!

I paid USD4 for shipping this big box of items!
Really affordable right?
It's even cheaper than most door-to-door courier in SG!

Only USD4 you must be thinking the delivery confirm took very long and there's no tracking right?
Sorry to break it to you.. It took less than a week for these lovelies to be delivered to my doorstep!
and tracking code is available once they shipped out. Having a tracking code that I can track online is very helpful! I can keep checking on the status so I would roughly know when to be home for delivery!

Ordered on 28th Feb.
Shipped out on 2nd March.
Arrived at my house on 5th March!

Next I want to talk about their products. :D

If you have walked into any of those "health shops" or shops selling organic stuffs you will know that these imported organic items are usually very pricey. After the birth of my cutie pie, I start to be more wary of the items I am using on/around or giving to my child. I cut down on processed food and try to give her as much fresh food as possible. Toddler snacks / kids safe cleansers are either too expensive or difficult to find in Singapore, so when I found this online shop it's like finding gold!

This is my 2nd order. I will roughly describe the items I bought and why I bought them.
The reason why I don't want to talk about the first order it's because it's mainly essential oil and I don't want to talk about EOs. So yups here goes.. :D

BabyGanics, The Grime Fighter, All-Purpose Cleaner, Lavender, 32 fl oz (946 ml) (Discontinued Item)

I bought this product when my cutie pie had a bit of eczema and I wanted something good, safe and non toxic to clean the house and when I saw the last bottle at kiddy palace, I bought it. Halfway through the bottle I find that it's very helpful in cleaning up messes and I use it all the time to clean toys, floor, tables, her play area and even walls! Unfortunately after that bottle I can't find this exact same product all over SG anymore. :( When I saw that iherb is selling this I order it immediately! After they send out my order the product is discontinued! Now I'm down to this last bottle I hope it can last me long enough till I find another good product.

Price wise on herb it's less than S$10 (SGD6.99) but when I bought at kiddy palace it cost me around $17+-.


Sierra Bees, Organic Lip Balms, Variety Pack, 3 Pack, 0.15 oz Each

I bought this under the product trial and this pack of 3 only cost me USD1 ! If I didn't remember wrongly 1 piece cost around $4 in SG shops! iherb have this product trial listing page that with every order you can purchase 1 product trial item. Some items are tester size, some are full retail sizes, example there's a tea sample pack that has 3 different tea bags and that only cost $0.10, then there's this pack of 2 facial mask sheets for only $0.50.


Method, Glass + Surface, Natural Glass Cleaner, Mint, 28 fl oz (828 ml)

Bought this to try out cause I have some dirty windows and Mirrors at home. :P
Cost S$6.95 on local website, on iherb it's USD3.82 (approx SGD5.29).
Used it almost immediately and I love it. It cleans well and the minty smell is quite refreshing too.


ATTITUDE, Floor Surfaces, Tiles & Wood Cleaner, Citrus Zest, 35.2 fl oz (1.04 L)

Bought this to try out mainly because I have wooden floors at home and this cleaner is suitable for both tiles and wood. I wouldn't recommend to purchase this from iherb though cause I just found out that it's cheaper in some of the online shops in SG. Googled and there are shops selling this at SGD7.50 (not including postage though) and I paid ard SGD8+ (after discount).


Peanut Butter & Co., Smooth Operator, Creamy Peanut Butter, 16 oz (454 g)

I love peanut butter and saw a friend instagram-ed this so I bought it. Love it! :D
Comparing to my usual peanut butter this one feels less sweet (I could eat a huge spoonful of it on a slice of bread and not feel like it's sinful or what.. Price wise it's slightly more expensive than my usual peanut butter but I feel that it's still quite worth it. :D


Earth Mama Angel Baby, Organic Milkmaid Tea, Fragrant Fennel Herb, Caffeine Free, 16 Tea Bags, 1.23 oz (35 g)

Recently decide to re-lactate so decide to purchase this to try. Most SG shops selling at around $7.90-$12.50 per box! It's only around SGD6.91 on iherb and currently for Earth Mama Angle Baby products they have this volume discount, like if you purchase 2 for 10% discount, purchase 4 for 12% discount or if you are drinking it very often or you want to share the already super low shipping with other mummies you can purchase 12 boxes for 15% discount!


Chocolove, Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate, 3.2 oz (90 g)

I bought this as a gift for my husband but I got a bite and I love it! It's not sweet, not really bitter and not very salty, somehow just perfect for me. I love it and would probably purchase it again with my 4th order?


Those who knows me, knows that I'm a sucker for free gifts and so far with every order from iherb, they will include a little gift with the order. For my first order they gave me a letter opener, for this second order they gave me a bookmark that can be used as a ruler. Can't wait to see what they are giving me for my next order. :P

Just a reminder if you are a new customer, do remember to use this coupon code TBC541 to get your discount! You will save USD5 on your first iHerb order (regardless of order amount!)
If your order totals $40 or more, you will save USD10! and if you purchase above $40 you will get an additional 5% discount on top of the USD10 off!

Enjoy shopping! :D

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Adv : Efevshop (Baby Crochet Items and Pacifier Clips)

One of the perks with having a baby is that you have a life doll that you can dress up!

Take a look at this photo and tell me it didn't melt you?
This set is so cute! If my next kid is a girl I think I would want to get this!

Baby boots! Totally adorable!

These Hats and Beanies are so cyoot!
They are great for shielding our little one's head from all those cold aircon in bus/malls/clinc!

The deal about handmade items is that you usually get to customise it according to your preference!

Like the colour/type of yarn used!

I love pastel colours!

Many people says there isn't much accessories for kids, actually there are!
You can get headbands/hats/beanies for them and if they take pacifier you can get them Pacifier Clips with these really pretty Straps!

Crochet items are quite rare in my opinion cause you seldom find them in shops, even if you manage to find them the designs available are really few! Most shops only carry like 1 or 2 designs and sometimes the colours or design doesn't really please us.

If you're looking for a full month baby gift set, or maybe some pacifier clips as little gifts, or even a cute little crochet dress/romper/blanket for your little one (super cute to wear for baby photoshoot!), do check out www.facebook.com/efevshop/ ! :)

Review : Samyang Korean Spicy Ramen

The husband was craving for some spicy noodles so I did a little search online for something that I think he will like.. Bought this after checking out 3 supermarkets!

Verdict? It's super spicy but really nice! :D

The first time I only tried a few mouthfuls, the second time I added a bit of my leftover pasta sauce and could finish the whole plate on my own! :D

From many sources it seems that this noodle is sold out in many places, kinda regret that I only bought 1 (5packs in 1), will try to stock up the next time I see them on the shelfs! If you see me buying them, dun fight with me k?!

Price : Ranges from $6.90-$8.20 depending on where you get them.

Product Review :

Cooking :
Quite easy, as it's "dry noodles" there is an extra step to pour out most of the water once the noodle is cooked.

Step 1, boil water.
Step 2, put in noodle to cook.
Step 3, once noodle is cooked pour out water and put in a few spoonful of water
Step 4, pour in the spicy sauce and mix
Step 5, put noodles on plate/bowl
Step 6, put garnish on noodle
Step 7, Put noodle in mouth, chew, swallow and then complain it's very hot! :P

Smell :
Really nice and not choking at all! Kinda mislead you into thinking that maybe it's not as spicy as many have mentioned. :P

Appearance :
The seaweed sesame seeds garnish pack is not a lot, thinks it looks nicer with maybe some side veg and a sunny side up egg!

Taste :
Awesome and Shiok!
The first time I tried it my lips felt like it swelled haha. Took a little while to clear but I craved for it shortly after the first try! At this moment I want to have it again! but need to go sleep now. :(

Will I buy/try again? :
Yes definitely!!

If you are thinking of trying, hope this short review helps you make your choice. :)

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Review : La Riche Directions Semi Permanent Hair Dye Rose Red

Price : $9 only! (CNY Promo, if I'm not wrong it's still on-going!)

Service Review:
The items were sent out timely and nicely bubble wrapped. I bought 3 tubs of hair dye they only gave me 1 pair of plastic gloves.

Product Review :

Application :
Fairly easy, I put on my gloves and grab some from the tub and just smear it all over my bleached hair. The only issue I had was after I washed out I realise the colour stained the back of my neck, parts of my forehead, all my fingers, a hair brush, 3 towels and my bathroom turned pink!

Colour :
I love it! It's pinkish kind of red and the brightness is just right. I am also happy that my hair didn't look orange. Phew..

Smell / Effect :
No smell, or not much smell. Effect is not bad it's been a week plus and the red is still in my hair. Some people claims that it's conditioning but I personally feels that it feels normal? Just not too drying like some of those hair dye packs that contains bleach in it?

Extra detail : If possible get someone to help you with application and maybe wash off too cause it's really messy imo. Maybe I just dun have skill to dye my own hair, I would probably try to get help when I use the tub of Dark Turnip that I bought. :D

The additional sad story:

Last December I tried this hair dye (in violet) without bleaching my hair and the result was my previous salon dyed brown hair got even darker, almost close to black. The saddest thing is that I bought it from an instashop at $26.90! Super overpriced and I didn't know it cause the seller didn't state the brand and yes the seller is quite a popular seller on instagram. *heartbreak*

Do you like my Red Hair? Would give this a try?

Review : Dodo Liquid Lipstick, Dodo Eyeshadow and Dodo Pan Cheek

Items :
Dodo liquid lipstick shade 203
Dodo miss brown eyeshadow MB710
Dodo pan cheek PC23

Price : All 3 dodo products only cost $13 from TokyuHands (Westgate).

Dodo is a Japanese Brand. Didn't see them in Singapore for quite sometime so when I saw that they were on sale I decide to get them to try. :D

Product Review :
As there are 3 items I will try to keep it short.

Application / Colour :

Lipstick : It's somewhat like lip gloss, easy to use. Just twist the bottom and the liquid will come out from the top. Colour is light and with a shimmer. Texture is thick like a usual gloss & I have a love hate relationship with lip glosses. Love it cause it makes my lips pouty and sweet looking, hate it cause it's usually feels kinda like a layer on my lips?

Eyeshadow : Would suggest to use your own brush cause the brush given is not that good. Colours are shimmery/glittery. Colours in pan are different when applied, refer to photos of swatches (with flash and without flash). Kinda regret getting this colour, should have gotten the purple/pink one instead.

Blush : Easy application but have to be light handled unless you want to look like you are going for some show. Colour is very pigmented so a little drab and blend it out for a more natural blush.

Removal :
Easy to remove using makeup remover but the glitters for the eyeshadow kinda stuck to me for a while.

Extra detail : Do take note that expiry is in Dec this year.

Overall it's okay to purchase these to play around for a while cause it's quite cheap. My eyeliner from another brand cost more than these 3 items combined!