Friday, January 23, 2015

Review : White Light Teeth Whitening Kit

Item: White Light Teeth Whitening Kit
Price : I bought it from an instashop for S$18!
(You can purchase it at the above link for more than 50% off!)

Product Review: Kit comes with 1 tray (top and bottom), 1 light tool, batteries for the light tool and 2 tubes of gel.

Application: Is really simple just need to put gel on the tray, put it on your teeth and put the white light on. Put for 10 minutes, take it off and rinse your mouth to get rid of gel residue.

Tip! Take the tray off when you are at the basin because there will be lots of saliva and it will be really messy if you take it off elsewhere like middle of your room or something!

Point to note: Effect takes many application to come in and doesn't last forever, do not expect instant obvious results or for the whitening to be forever! Avoid teeth staining stuffs like tea, coffee, soda.

Extra detail: Jaws may feel tired after a while. Try not to put on for too long (more than 15mins) especially for those with sensitive gums. Once I put for more than 15mins and my gums went red, it subside after a while.

Will I recommend it? I would say yes if you are open to try anything but if guranteed results are what you're after then I would suggest a visit to the dentist for more expensive procedures would be more suitable.

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