Sunday, January 11, 2015

Review : Mr. Home Star Mold Remover by LG Household and Health Care

Item: Mr. Home Star Mold Remover by LG Household and Health Care
Price: S$4.99 for 1 tube not including shipping

Service Review:
Quick Delivery, bought with a few other items and it's here in a couple of days. Items are also carefully packed.

Product Review:
Application: Super Easy! It came with a applicator attached to the tube so it's really easy to dispense/apply on the affected area.

Things to note: Make sure the area you want to apply the gel is dry (water will dilute the gel and it wouldn't be as effective). Apply and leave it on for a while and you will see it disappear, for tougher ones leave the gel overnight or do a few rounds of application. To add on, do spam lots of product instead of just a thin layer as it loses it's effect when dried up.

Effect: This product is awesome! It helped me get rid of mold that's on the silicon area in my bathroom. As shown in the after and before photo (this is the basin area in the other toilet). I apply a lot cause I believe a bit sure not enough for my many many years of mold but within 45mins like that most of it gone!

Colour/Smell: The gel is clear so have to let family members know when you apply it cause it's not obvious and they may wash it off unknowingly. The only downside is the slight pungent smell but the smell goes away after you've washed it off so it's not that bad.

Would I buy it again: Yes I would! I had another model remover product I tried it in my bathroom and it didn't work cause it's liquid it doesn't stay on the wall/silicon. This gel stays on the silicon and does it job so yes I will get it again and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for mold remover. :)

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