Friday, September 05, 2014

Flu & Ear and nose infection.

Been sick for the past 3 weeks..

Started with sore throat, followed by flu and then cough. Went to 2 doctors for flu and cough.. then one day suddenly my ear start to hurt very badly.. so badly that I started rolling on the bed. Even after taking pain medication I was pacing around the whole house to draw attention away from the pain.. yes it was very bad. :(

Called the previous ear/nose/throat specialist clinic I went to earlier this year (to remove some stucked ear wax) but the only appointment date given is in November!

Hubby manage to get me a private clinic's appointment for the same day. Doctor confirmed it's ear and nose infection.. gave me a bunch of stuffs and I went back to see him in a week. It's very expensive but at least I could finally sleep.. imagine if I had to wait for the govt clinic appointment.. how many months of sleepless nights and painkillers do I have to take before it's finally my turn to see the doctor? :(

No more cotton buds, ear digger tool, ear wax suction tool thingy for me..

So anyway I went back to see the doctor before HuiShan's Wedding Lunch on (30th) and I'm cleared of the infection. hooray~

Here's a photo collage of baby and me, taken the week before. :D

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