Thursday, September 18, 2014

Baby bite my hair? No.. It's my new helmet. LOL

My hair got long rather quickly and it's starting to irritate baby and myself.. 
Decided to cut them short again and since I had some "free" time on Monday I went to ECHouse and got them "styled" for $10.
In 10mins, I'm spotting the most "fashionable" gong gong (blur/sotong/nerd) looking "helmet hair".

This time it's slightly more "gong" looking and I think it's probably due to my face looking more chubby than last time.. :P

I'm still waiting for my toric contact lens to reach me, ordered through honeycolor on 25th July and it's still not here yet. Getting kinda really impatient and their customer service officers are not replying my emails. :( Super sads.. :(

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