Friday, July 25, 2014

My New Favourite Photo Editing Application : Cameran Collage

Cameran Collage is my favourite app of the moment. :D

They have lots of pretty stickers for me to choose from..
Sometimes I use too many of them at the same time. :P

I like that I can rotate the photos, crop them into certain shapes and also easily bring a photo to the front if I want it in front of another photo. There's a wide range of backgrounds for me to choose from too. :D

Been putting blogging aside because I'm too lazy to edit photos on my laptop.
I can't switch on my laptop without baby climbing all over me and asking me to let her watch Elmo..

Now that I have this wonderful app..
cheng cheng cheng cheng~~

YES! I can finally blog more often!

I can post many photos at once without fearing that it's going to make my post long and boring!
Even if the subject (me) is boring at least the stickers are cute right? :P

Been playing with the app for about a month now and it's been kind to me so far.
Will post more photos whenever I have free time~ :D

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