Sunday, July 20, 2014

Internet is a life saver : Mummy's woes.

So yesterday I found this on my wooden floor!

I normally keep my permanent markers on the table, away from my child.
(yes I know it's toxic luh, no need to go all self righteous on me k..
^ me being paranoid.)
Now I guess I have to keep it on a higher shelf..

Decide to google on the solution and was hoping that it will not be too difficult..
and I chance upon this post..

Was a little sceptical about it, decide to try it out nonetheless as toothpaste is like the most readily available item I have. :D

1-2mins later (a bit of scrubbing using a dry cloth).. and it's almost all gone!

If there's no internet I would probably have to like go to those diy shops and look for special solutions or stuffs like that to remove the stains/marks.. :P

oh well. so now you know..

To remove permanent marker from wood floor, you can use toothpaste and scrub it a little. :D
It's like magic in my eyes to see the ink disappearing.. :P

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Young Werther said...

Great advice...not that I draw on my floors.