Monday, March 03, 2014

Baby Skin Pore Eraser by Maybelline

I got to review this product from

Maybelline is one of the drugstore brands that I really adore. They are affordable, usually works for me and they have pink (cool) tones pressed powders. When I saw this product claiming to give a pore less finish up for reviews, I knew I had to try it!

I have really huge pores that have been my heartache since almost 10 years ago, so I am always on the lookout for products that makes my pores less visible.

I tried this product 4 times before writing this review.

As usual, I will test product on my hand before testing on my face.

First impression:
It's really light, and skin feels really smooth but it has this really light plastic smell.

First trial:
I put it on half of my face and the other half I left it bare.
Not much effect, both sides look the same.

I read that this is usually used like a makeup primer, so I put on some powder on.
Powder didn't go very well on it so I decide to try again.

Second trial:
I put a tiny bit of the product instead of putting a lot all over, so it's just a really thin layer.
Put on pressed powder and it turned out slightly better but pores/lines are still visible.

Third trial:
I put half of my face with another more expensive product and the other half with this.
Both looks about the same, feels about the same except the other doesn't feel as smooth after application, but the other has a more "lotion" texture and this is kinda like silicon. Powder on top and effect is about the same on both sides, not much difference to me.

Fourth trial:
This time I did a mask to remove dead skin and clean up the pores before application.
Applied to full face and the effect is so much better than the rest of the trial. Didn't last very long before my pores start to open up again though. :(

I'm feeling really sad that it doesn't really suits me that well.
Or maybe I'm just having really bad skin this week. :( or I have too high expectations of the product.
Can't wait to try it again when my skin is better without so many blemishes and breakouts. :(


Makeup Majesty said...

I'm really glad I read your product review - I have this on my wish list but now I don't think i'm going to purchase it. I use the NARS pore primer now (it's in a jar and is more of a wax texture) and I love it. thanks for the post!

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

@Makeup Majesty : Not sure if it will work better in your climate cause in my country it's humid and hot all year round. :(