Friday, January 24, 2014

Photos of my baby taken a week ago~

Seriously my girl have learned to pose for my camera leh. hahas

I don't think I do duck lips often leh. :P

Who taught her this? hahas.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

8days to CNY

Just some random updates..

  • Finally got our clothes for CNY settled.
  • My house is still in a huge mess and I don't know where to start keeping. :P
  • Need to visit the bank to change notes for ang pows!
  • Scheduled to see doctor in Feb, Mar and April. Seems like I'll be in and out of polyclinic the whole year round..
  • Been rather hot tempered recently.. Really need to CTFD (calm the fu*k down).
  • Started coughing yesterday, throat's itchy.. The sad part? I haven even really started on CNY goodies. :(

What about you? How's your CNY preparations going?

Monday, January 13, 2014

S$1 Loreal Eye Shadow and other cheap Make Up items~

Woohoo~ After a long wait... My new year MU is finally here! Yeah!!!
Okay this is partial of it lah. The rest bought last year November/December le~ :D

All on sale! The most expensive item is the toner at S$16.69.

 These Loreal eye shadows are only S$1 each during promotion so I bought like 5 colours. :P
Pink, Purple, Beige, Chocolate and Black.
Now I'm tempted to purchase the Blue, Kaki and Silver one. :P

Bought Missha (Korean MU) at super cheap price and got a free sample too. :D
Can you guess the price of these 3 items? :D

 Eyeliner Pencil Black - S$1.99
Liquid Sharp Eyeliner Black - S$3.98
Under Eye Brightener Light Beige - S$3.98
Shipping by Qxpress - S$3.98
Bought from HERE.

 Maybelline Neo Nude 06 - S$5.95
Maybelline Are You Red-dy 625 - S$5.95
Bought together with Loreal Eyeshadow and Toner, so shipping by Qxpress is free!

Lipsticks from HERE.
Eyeshadow from HERE.
Toner from HERE.

 *Just random rantings* I cannot get the colours that I wanted (tried everywhere, in Taiwan, in airport and even in SG shops and online) so I bought 2 lippies that I like on Saturday from too cool for school. Super heart pain cause that cost me S$46! All these makeup also don't cost that much.. :(

Do you have any recent awesome make up purchase to share? :D

Monday, January 06, 2014

Hello Kitty Theme Nappy Changing/Nursing Room at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Didn't managed to take too many proper photos cause I was carrying my little girl and she kept shaking me or trying to grab my phone.. hahas. thus the "artistic shots" of the sofa. :P

Rushed to change her diapers and had to rush off to look for the hello kitty shop. (Situated about 20-30mins brisk walk from my gate so I had to literally brisk walk there, shopped and brisk walk/run back with my baby..

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Too Cool for School After School BB Foundation Lunch Box SPF37 PA++ #1- Soft Skin (Blue)

This foundation has one of the longest name! :D

So anyway in case you've not read my blog for a long while.. I was away for holidays the past week and just got back late last night(2nd). Opened my letterbox to an awesome surprise! :D

I'm one of the lucky ones (actually there's like 20 of us! :D) given the chance to try and review this product. :) If you want to know more about where I applied for projects like these (for free! no fees involved!), read THIS POST

The bigger sized product comes in a cute bottle with a special compartment with concealer and highlighter. If I win it will post photos of it up. :D Meanwhile let's focus on the foundation. :)

Had a little trouble trying to get to product out and when I finally managed to get it out, I think I squeezed like half a tube out. :( Transferred some to a clean little bottle that I use to store "opened" samples, cleaned up and start all over again. :D

 Too Cool for School is a Korean Brand. :)

 Testing the product on the back of my hand first.
Seems a bit lighter than my normal skin tone.

Packaging : It's really interesting and cute, but not in the cute princessy way (eg etude house).

Smell : Has a nice scent. I like it already. :D

Colour : Doesn't have the grey cast thingy but it's a little light in tone though. I'm pretty fair but it's still a little too light for me.

Texture : Thick cream, slight difficulty for me to blend (with fingers).

Coverage : Pretty average, was expecting it to have more coverage with the thick texture.

Compatibility with my skin : So far so good, no breakouts. It survived through 1 cooking and lunch session without melting much, which is not too bad in my opinion. I have combination skin so some products melts within 2 hours and you can see shiny Tzones and stuffs. The bottom left photo of my face titled "after (with flash)" is taken about 2 hours after I applied the foundation.
Looks okay in normal daylight but with camera flash the makeup makes me look kinda clownish (scary). Maybe I turned a tone darker after my trip to Taiwan?, would probably try the product again with pressed powder, concealer and highlighter.. eg the full makeup. :)

Would I purchase the product?
It's on the pending list together with a whole chunk of other foundations, CC creams and BB creams, It's not a must-buy at this moment, but I would definitely give it a few more tries to decide if it's good for future purchase. :) Giving it 4 our of 5 stars cause it has many plus points, except the tone is slightly not suitable for me.

If you like my review for this product, do support me and like my review here (click on the smiley face next to my review). :)

Thank you! :)

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Trick to save money during shopping (for sahm)

This was supposed to be a Facebook status but it became so long that I decide to copy and paste it here instead. :P

Trick to save money for a sahm on holiday~ (*doesn't apply if you are a sahm with a maid/caregiver/nanny)

1. You don't have that many friends and colleagues to buy gifts for so don't need to think too hard.. just those that bought you gifts recently and maybe close relatives and friends. For those not so close, if you buy food stuffs by the time you see them the food expired liao. Lol

2. You stay at home 5 days a week so no need too many nice dress. 1 will do. Ditto bags and shoes. But you can go crazy for comfort casual clothes though. :p

3. Bags and shoes have extra criteria. Bag have to be big enough for a couple of baby items (diaper, 1 set of clothes, diaper wipes and a bottle of water minimum.) but yet lightweight and not too big that it makes it difficult for you to carry both baby and bag. Shoes have to be comfortable cause usually you wouldn't be able to manage carrying a 11kg baby and a bag, a pair of high heels is going to do a lot of damage to your poor back and knees. (Normally I have problems buying shoes cause my feet are a little wide and in a stupid size of 34/35 or 22-22.5 so with the added criteria, the difficulty to shop increased!)

4. MU items cut down from the full extensive set of many colours to just some easy to use colours. Hard to find time to be really experimental with a baby in your care. Though the budget may stay the same so you can get more premium products. :P

5. This Is the most important! Buy heavy and bulky gifts like food items during the early part of the shopping trip. It will make you to think that you have bought a lot of items and spend a lot of money..

(I thought I bought a lot just now, but when I did a "headcount" I only bought 1 pair of shoes, 1 Bag and 1 phone cover for CNY. The rest of the items I was carrying was food gifts for friends and relatives. Lol. So I literally shopped for about 3-4 hours but only buy 3 items for myself. :P (and 2 pairs of socks for baby, and hubby finally bought 3 items for himself, and also approx 5kg of food related gifts) hubby says it's a waste of time but I actually felt happy. Cause I have most of the items I want covered today morning (18 items in 1hr) and I bought the bag I had my eyes on 2 days back but couldn't get it at 2 different shops due to:
● The colour or design I want is OOS
● The only 1 piece of stock (in another colour) left in the first shop where I first laid eyes on is not in good condition
●+ it's sold out on their website!
●+ it's the only piece available!
●+ I nearly bought a similar bag at twice the price this morning.. :D (in other words.. I found treasure!!)

Tml morning/early noon will be covering the MU stuffs so I am very excited for that part of the day.. oh and also probably getting gifts at the airport. Good luck to me. :P