Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sponsored Review : Mygenlife Beauty Collagen

Recently turned 25 and decide that it's really time to take good care of my skin (especially after giving birth, my skin condition changed). Skin becomes dull, slightly dry with lots of humongous pores. Obviously my usual skincare routine is not going to help with my new skin conditions.. So I thought I should try changing things from inside instead... I started taking beauty supplements.

I was on M brand collagen for a month and it worked okay, my skin condition improves a little. My only issue with that brand of collagen is that it's in powder form and I have to mix it with warm drink like hazelnut latte or Milo (tried cold drinks once and I really hate the taste). So now I'm trying out other brands to look for something suitable for me and my lifestyle.

This Christmas I am one of the lucky ones to receive a set of Mygenlife Drinks for review. Perks of being a blogger!

There are 5 different types of Mygenlife Drinks (Slimming, Detox, Beauty Collagen, Whitening and Bustful) each for different concerns and I got the Beauty Collagen Nectar. :)

Mygen Life Drinks is a brand new beauty supplement drink launching this December! Doesn't sound familiar to you? How about Ba Wang 霸王, ITOH Collagen (KEVIN老師 as its celebrity endorsement?), Royal Wind and Friven & Co? Yes, they are all under Hannah Holdings. :)

More about Beauty Collagen Nectar drink:
This product is formulated in the U.S.A and manufactured in Taiwan.
The drink uses an intensive formula to improve water binders which helps keep your skin supple, radiant and firm. Continuous replenished collagen levels + skin sufficiently hydrated = wrinkle-free, rosy and supple look. (Results may vary and if you're nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, please consult a doctor before consuming this product).

Main Ingredients: 
Collagen ( fish, 12,000mg )
I have no idea what collagen does until recently, only knew that pig skin has it and mummy always say we have to eat it to have good skin. Now that I'm grown up enough to do my own reading up, let me try to explain in as simple terms as possible (from my understanding, could be wrong, don't take my word for it.)

Collagen is what makes our skin looking "full" thus making us look young. The good thing is our body produces collagen, however once we reach our 20s, the collagen produced by our body will drop and it continues to drop as time goes!

Green Tea
This is a rich in polyphenols that fight free radicals. The antioxidants present in Green Tea helps to slow down the aging process helping you look younger. (Literally copied from their box as I've not done much reading on Green Tea but we've all at some point read articles stating that green tea is beneficial for health right?)

“Queen of Fruits “ contains naturally occurring xanthones, antioxidants and many nutrients which are beneficial to your body and helps slow down the aging process. (ditto above : read Green Tea)

A unique blend of berries including blueberry, strawberry, cranberry bilberry, elderberry and raspberry to provide the maximum antioxidant for the whole body. What I know about berries? They are delicious and many describe them as Power fruit/Super fruit. When I was young I hated berries cause I always get the sour ones. Now that I'm older, I appreciate berries a lot more. Recently started taking cranberry juice for health benefits. :)

With so much collagen I'm kinda worried that it's going to have a fishy smell/taste but it's stated on the box as natural fruity flavour so I'm kinda looking forward to it.. Hope it doesn't disappoint.. :P

So here's to firm and supple skin! Cheers~

The drink has a sweet fruity scent which I quite like.
It feels like a thick fruit juice with a tinge of sour aftertaste. Somewhat like smooth blended berries?
I really like that it's really convenient, as in I don't have to mix it with any drinks and can just drink out of the bottle!

Mygenlife Beauty Collagen drink is available at Guardian outlets and Hannah Holding's Website at S$49.90 for a box.

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