Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sample Siao.

These are the free samples I redeemed in the past 2 months...
I know I'm so crazy. :P
Some of them I paid for postage, some came with free postage but I think it's absolutely worth it! :D

Being a stay at home mum means I don't get to go out much to try things over the counter and having samples that I choose sent to my house, saves me time and energy~ Some of the items comes in retail sizes and it's really worth much more than the postage I paid!

Where to find a few hours writing reviews?
What I currently do is I try the product and then follow by writing a short review on SampleStore, once I've done all the items in a packet I will post the reviews here. :D Good strategy right? hahas.

There's usually 2-4 types of items in a pack. I go thru them quite fast sometimes depending on what kind of items and when can I use it.. :) Like skincare will take a while cause need to use a few times to see effect. Makeup is the easiest to review hahas but it's really rare to come across makeup samples. Hope to see more makeup samples. :p

Household stuffs are also fun for me to try because though I have been staying in my own house for a while I have not really tried different stuffs. Usually buys back the same brands as it's easier for my husband to buy them and no need to spend time thinking if this is better or that is cheaper... :)

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Young Werther said...

Good on you, all those free stuff. Definitely money saving!!