Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I just became the the type of mummy a lot of people hate. :(

*This post is written on 28th-29th  December, scheduled to post while I'm away on holiday~ :D

Heard complaints from some that they really dislike those mummies who post gazillion photos of their kids. I have become one of those. :( I spam photos of my baby girl everywhere! On instagram, on facebook, on blogspot. I take lots of shots and just post almost all on facebook even if they are super blur. :P

Pet peeves for most people but I just can't help it..
I just want to share it out even if no one comments on any of the photos or even if no one likes the photos..

One may ask why do I take so many photos when they all look the same? It's the same baby and the poses sometimes are the same.. so why so many photos??

I try to snap good photos but sometimes their reactions/expressions changes in split seconds and I just want to capture as much as possible just for a really good shot. Then I am lazy to filter out the bad ones so I just post them up. :P

This set of photos is taken recently.. The lighting is really good so I snapped a few photos until she saw me taking photos of her.. :P

She was looking out of the window, exploring with her sight. When she saw me taking photos of her she started blabbering in some baby language that I still can't tell what it means. This often happens. Sometimes she gives me kisses (make the muack sound) and sometimes she pouts or smiles at me. All these expressions are really dear to me.. because I know it wouldn't be long before she starts to grow up and suddenly becomes a teenager and thinks her mum is too uncool to share anything with

I will try to filter the photos (at least take out the blur ones) before posting next time. :P

Are you also one of us mummies who take too many photos? Or are you with those who just cannot stand mummies who post lots of photos of their babies? or a little bit of both? Share with me~ :)

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Wan Jing Ng said...

I think you are OK though, coz you upload all at once in one post, not like 1 picture 1 post then 10 separate posts appear consecutively. In fact I quite enjoy seeing the pictures of your girl. Anyway, frankly, we are not parents so we won't know how you feel, how proud you are, etc, as a mother, so don't be too bothered by these comments too much.