Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I am bloging this from Taiwan~~

2 days and 2 nights here and I decide to blog a little cause I couldn't sleep after waking up by the little one.. she had a nightmare. .

Blogging this on my phone so the format may appear weird. :P

Weather is really cold here (12-14°) but it's getting warmer...

Fruitless trip so far cause I have not been to the temple I want to go to and also have not really gone crazy buying much things for myself. :(

Thus far I have mainly spent on :
● Food.
● Stuffs for our cutie pie (socks, mittens, birthday date bear).
● 5pairs of socks for myself to wear in 2014 (baby gym classes need it). NT100
● 2 mini rack/table for my work stuffs.
● 1 umbrella NT450 (overpriced but I needed it so yeah)
● 1 hair trim NT100 (under SGD5)
● Some lottery scratch cards (no luck this year so not going to buy anymore for this trip)
● 1 cute ducky headgear with scarf mitten thingy.

The husband got me a little pinky finger ring which I like. :D

Was a little upset at first cause trip couldn't be like what I hope it would be but after seeing someone's comment on a friend's Facebook status I feel guilty and then.. I am happier. :)

His status was something like he wants to be happier in 2014.
and his friend commented something like you do know that you are in control right.

You can choose to be happy or unhappy for everything. If I am going to let myself feel grouchy (probably also due to pms) for this trip, it's just going to ruin it further so I decide to be happy as much as possible..

● Not given the chance to shop? Well at least I kinda saved some money maybe there is a better thing waiting for me to purchase. :P
● Not eating the food I want? Well at least I get to eat hot food in this cold weather..
● Kids are too noisy? At least they are really excited for this holiday.
● Keep going back to hotel to rest? Well it's good for baby and myself to nap a little during the day. We do that on normal days so why not rest our busy day at the comfort of the hotel room?
● Bad skin throughout the trip? Maybe my skincare don't work that we'll In this weather but at least I know my skincare works fine for our weather in SG. :)
● Baby keep asking for her dad or grandparents? At least I don't have to carry her the whole trip. :P 11kg is not really light. :P

Happy go lucky. I believe if I change the way I feel I will be really lucky soons~ Hahas. Jiayous! Fighting!

By the way it's 2014 in approximate 18+ hours later, here's wishing everyone an enjoyable and awesome New Year!

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