Friday, December 27, 2013


How times flies~ I always feel emotional when Christmas is here.. Maybe because the year is coming to an end and my brain is trying to do an end of year P/L statement and Balance sheet of the year's emotions and happenings.. hahas.

Here are some presents I have received in the past month form friends and family~

From my 傻小妹. She even got a combine present for my little girl (Birthday + Christmas). Can't wait to open it.. hahas. I got her a little something too, hope she likes it..
Didn't get to see much of her this year cause I'm like always tired or stuck at home with baby but nonetheless I enjoy her company whenever she comes all the way to the west to visit me. :D

Thanks Sis! :)

From my hubby... Okay, he got me a lot of stuffs but these are the more awesome presents~~ :P

 Using this steamer to cook almost everything.
Porridge, soup, steam fish, chicken, steam buns, steam sweet potatoes, steam vegs.
The best thing? No need to wash many pots and pans! :D

 A pair of Minnie Mouse white gold earrings from SK.
I wanted to buy this for myself but he paid for it. :P

From my mummy. :D
Okay so my mum also buys me alot of stuffs too but this is really sweet of her cause she knows I'm diabetic and she heard from don't know where that Cranberries are good for diabetics..

 This kinda summarize what I got this year. Not a lot of items but all from my loved ones. :)

Merry Belated Christmas and a happy near year too all~

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Ellen Bourne said...

Cute gifts and very thoughtful. My sister bought me some foodstuffs for Christmas too this year, I thought it was so thoughtful because now I have a treat I can share with my housemates! :)