Friday, November 22, 2013

Recent changes to my diet.

Aw.. one of my comfort food~~

I love junk food! Burgers, chips, various kinds of fried food, chips, nuts, soft drinks, ice-cream, ...
2 years ago when I was trying to have a baby, I decide to cut down on my unhealthy food intake. :P

 Fish is healthier than say fried chicken? :P

Knowing that being overweight/unhealthy lessens the chance to become pregnant, I started eating a little healthier... More veg, less fast food. Cutting down on fast food was torturous! I had fast food about 4times a week and I cut down to about once a week?

Then I got pregnant with Winnie. I wanted to make sure she gets more nutrition, so other than drinking formula milk (something which I really dislike), I tried to eat as much vegetables as possible. Salad, niang toufu, seafood soup were food I had very often. :D

After my baby was born, I decide to breastfeed. I watched my diet to ensure she gets better milk, and I was afraid of water retention too. So less salt in my food and I started cooking a bit here and there.

Then my baby started weaning. I was cooking for her and decide to cook for myself too and sometimes we eat the same food (no salt, less/no processed food). Most of the time we have porridge, steamed food, boiled food, soup. All the "healthier" stuffs. Now that she can have a tiny bit of salt in her food so I put a bit of Marmite in her porridge or on plain bread (plain bread doesn't have much nutrients and I can't give her peanut butter yet).

I still have junk food once in a while and I love cold drinks like 100plus, coca cola..

Recently I had a health checkup and apparently my blood sugar is a little high.
Am quite upset about this as I seldom have sugary stuffs other than a bit of soft drinks here and there. :( Now I limit my soft drinks intake and try to have tea/honey/water when I am dining outside instead of soft drinks.

Oh well. Somehow this became a super long post. :P

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