Monday, October 07, 2013

Babies grow up so fast, what do you do with those stuffs that you no longer need?

My husband and I bless them out. :)

When we had our little girl, we receive a lot of blessings from relatives. In kind and in wishes.
Hand-me-downs, secondhand clothes, booties, mittens, play mat, toys, bouncer and even diapers and baby bathing stuffs. We had so many items that we gave some to our other relatives.

Some items were not suitable for my girl like clothes.. when she was out, almost all the newborn clothes she already cannot wear. -.- Then there are diapers of other brands and extra bouncer and even boy clothes. hahas. So I thought maybe we shouldn't assume what others need, so I started looking for places to bless the things we don't need that others might have a need for.

I found that there are facebook pages created just for this and there are many needy mummies (single parent) or just out of job or recently pregnant but not ready financially, or family with many kids..

We blessed out foam mats (when my baby keep taking the alphabets to bite), bouncers (baby too active and flipped forward so cannot use it anymore), baby carrier (baby cannot fit liao), disposable breast pads & breastfeeding tea packets (when I stopped bfeeding recently), almost 2packs of L size diapers (Cause my baby wear size XL liao.).


My experienced from blessing these things out was that some of those who asked for them are not really needy as them claimed, and some of them were really fussy like, asking me to meet them at mrt or even send courier?? Some just MIA-ed even though I already state location on post, and we confirmed timing for them to collect.. There was 1 who collected the foam mats from me but is actually from a company that rent out toys. -.- (This one is because I didn't ask properly lur..)

Today I just found out about Sanctuary House. They are a Volunteer Welfare Organisation, providing crisis pregnancy services and emergency foster care for abandoned, abused and neglected infants and children. They offer a stable shelter and care for babies and infants from 0 to 3 years who require respite or short-term care. You can support the children with gifts of used clothes, toys and other durables.

I also found other addresses for donation in-kind for Salvation Army. They even have collection service for bulky items for a contribution of S$60. If you're moving house and want to change furniture, why not donate the furniture that can still be used? Sometimes I see mint condition furniture like sofa and bedframes at the garbage collection point and feel so wasted.. Some needy family doesn't even have a proper mattress at home. :(

Some mummy items I will still bless out via facebook pages.
Baby stuffs like clothes and toys I can pack and bless them at Tradehub21.
Other items can drop off at Salvation Army box (Not sure if Jurong IMM still have the box anot.).
Big bulky items like sofa (if I intend to change) can be donated to salvation army.

hahas. I'm writing this post with hopes that I can remember where to bring the stuffs to.. :D

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