Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My reward for doing Skinfood review. :D

Not only did I get to try out the product before most people..
I also got this awesome special pack..

A Black Sugar Scrub Foam 50g and another 30ml of the Black Sugar Perfect first Serum!
Awesome or what? :D
Only wished they could give us more of the cotton pad though, other than that, it's awesome awesome awesome.. Thank you Skinfood! :D
The Black Sugar Scrub Foam is an interesting product. When you squeeze out from the tube there's rough bits, once you latter it, it becomes smooth like a foam cleanser. It doesn't smell as sweet as other products but it's a really interested cleanser! I thought a scrub would be very rough and strip my combi skin of moisture but it doesn't! There's no tight feeling after using and my face actually does feel smoother!
Now I got another cleanser to choose from! woo hoo~


Julianne said...

Did they send you an email?

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Yups. They send me an email for me to collect these. :)

Julianne said...

Good thing I saw your post. I sent them a message and that's the only time they realized they haven't emailed me :(