Thursday, August 01, 2013

New Stalls/Shops at Jurong Point.

Remember sometime back I blogged about Malaysia Boleh! at Jurong Point (Singapore)?

Ok the post is almost 1 year ago.. but guess what?
2 of the restaurants I mentioned in the blog post has opened their outlets/stalls at Jurong Point!

Popeye at JP2 (Level 2/3).
Opened sometime in June and till now (almost 2 months) there's still a long queue outside their outlet everytime we pass by..
Got hubby to queue for takeaway the other day.. :P
Now I no longer have to travel too far just to have Popeye!

Yoshinoya in JP1 Kopitiam (Level 3).
Hubby says there used to be 1 Yoshinoya outlet in JP years back but I don't remember seeing it..
They have recently open a new stall at level 3 Kopitiam food court!
I've been craving for it since I spotted it when we were checking out another stall. :)
Will be getting hubby to pack it back for me again.

Play-kitchen in JP1 Kopitiam (Level 3)
This stall is opened by Ben Yeo, Local actor/host/author.
Their menu includes Hei-Bee Clams in Asian Flavours, Smoked duck breast with fresh veg in Thai sauce, Suckling Chicken Steak with Aglio Olio Spaghetti and Sambal Belachan Grill fish with Aglio Olio Spaghetti. I am quite excited about the hei-bee Clams and Sambal Belachan grill fish. Can't wait to try out when I'm free to have my meal at the foodcourt. Don't really like to eat packed pasta.

Liquid Skin next to JP1 Kopitiam (Level 3).
This shop space used to be for a massage place. It's kinda dark from the outside and I've never step in. Last week while walking around JP, I saw a poster for Eyebrow Threading and I immediately walk-in!
They were having promo and I had my eyebrows and upper-lip area threaded for only S$9.60 (including gst)! Finally a place there's nearby for some threading! No more excuse for messy brows!!!

Having a set of neat eyebrows can really change how a person look!
Comparison of different ways to neaten your brows.
Eyebrow threading (Before and After)

That's all for the new stalls/shops update.

Just realise this post is super wordy so I decide to add a cute photo of Winnie and me. :D

The irritating thing about dark hair colouring?
They don't usually show until the roots grows out. -.-
Before the roots comes out, the colours don't stand out at all.. now it's like such an eye sore.. argh!

What colours should I try for next year's CNY? 6 months to CNY (31st January 2014) and I'm thinking of colours for my hair! I'm also contemplating if I should do bangs for my hair again.. How? :P

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tangy tow said...

I also happened to go to GV at Jurong point and saw this shop LiquidSKIN, had my face threading done and it was quite good....agree with you, something nearby now. The outlet was extremely clean and hygienic.