Thursday, July 18, 2013

A home for my nail polishes. :P

Finally got a display rack for my nail polishes. :P
3 acrylic display racks and 1 normal plastic rack to be exact. hahas.

1 Rack for Opi polishes
1 Rack for China Glaze + Opi mini
1 Rack for other brands.

The display rack is made to Opi bottles's size so China Glaze bottles doesn't really fit in so well.
Eg the bottom left rack can fit 4 opi bottles per row but can only fit 3 China Glaze bottles per row..

I keep buying similar colours because I forget I have them, when they are tucked in some plastic box.. Now I can see them clearly at a glance, I will remember to buy other colours. :P Like the yellow one I saw the other day.. heh heh heh..

By the way nail polishes have no expiry date, they can stay for a long while.. so I guess it's fine to give them a proper home.. :P


Ammarrah said...

I love the rack! might have to get one myself x

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

It's awesome. Makes it so much easier to find colours. :D