Friday, July 12, 2013

7 months old baby show you standard pushup position.

A soldier's baby.

This is Winnie at 7+months, smiling at me and not at the camera. :)

Over the past week, my cutie pie has learned to sit up on her own! :)

Laying down, she push herself up into a pushup position.. then she slowly shift her hands backwords.. and slowly move into sitting position. She's having a hard time struggling but she just keep trying.

She tried many times and because she's still not so skilled/strong enough for it so she's still using quite a lot of energy each time trying to sit up.. It breaks my heart whenever she falls or knock her head on the sponge puzzle mat. Her cries makes me wish I could stop her from falling but I also know without falling she will never learn from it. The most I can do is make sure she will only fall on the puzzle mat and not the cold and hard floor. When she succeed I just hugged her and teared, felt so proud of her..

Feels really fortunate to be home and witness her every milestone. Being able to record whatever I can and sharing it with my dear husband who is outside working very hard to support his girls.. :P

The following video is one of those times I tried to film her sitting up and it shows how much effort she is putting into it. She didn't really manage to sit up in the end of this "compressed video" but it shows her learning and trying. :)

PS: Her bottom tooth is coming out and I can see just a bit of the teeth now..

PSS: She is starting to look more like girl although most people still thinks she looks like boy.. 

PSSS: In case there's misunderstanding from concerned individuals, the above photo of her in push up position is how she learns to sits up and not something we force her to do. She did it herself and I just capture it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Christina!

Your baby is so cute just like your blog!I can't wait to read more!

Much love

Vee xx