Friday, May 17, 2013

Little Milestone update. 17th May 2013

Winnie's 5months and 2weeks old right now.
Just came back from her checkup + jab today.

An update since I've not blogged much till now. :P

- Today's weigh-in, 8.08kg. I was telling the nurse that Winnie's not drinking much milk and she say it's okay cause her weight gain is healthy and being 8kg at 5months is considered okay weight. The baby next to us is 6months old and she's about the same weight..

- She is able to sit >10secs now, so doctor gave the OK sign to start weaning her (starting soilds!)

- She still have not flip fully, choosing to occasionally turning to her sides. If she wants something, she would kick me, claw me or scream.. >.< Though if you put her on her tummy she will try to crawl..

- We bought a bumbo (baby seat) with table for her today and she likes it. :D But her thighs are a little tight. :( Wonder how much longer can she stay on it..

- 2 weeks ago, we tried baby spa and we like the result. We're going for it every week now. :) I was skeptical about the benefits of the spa but since it gives us a reason to bring her out for some activity, why not? I am really pleased that it's doing a lot of good for her. :D She have pooing issues for many many months and after 1 session, she started pooing a little more regularly.

- I'm one of the not so lucky ones who doesn't have enough milk for her kid. Super envious of other mums who have a huge stash of frozen milk even after all the feeds. :( Had to keep topping up with formula after her ebm feeds. She's drinking abt 50% ebm and 50% formula right now.

- After "consulting" some mums and with my own experiment. This is what I am going to try to get the milk to increase.. well at least last till end of the year? :D
1. Power pumping (pumping more often, it's painful but it will tell the body to produce more).
2. Drink more fluid. (I have a bad habit of not drinking enough water.)
3. More rest. (Have not been able to sleep well.)

I guess this is it for now. :D
Will try to update again soon. :)

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