Monday, May 27, 2013

Little holiday.

The hubby finally found time to bring us out for an overseas trip. Thought it's not too far away but it's still overseas.. :D

Blue Sky, Green Sea..

Mama and Winnie. :D

On the moving ferry~~

 On an almost empty ferry. :D

Where's dada? I want him to carry~~

Sleepy pie.. 

Outfit of the day. :P

Mama and Winnie smile smile.. :D

Mama, why are you taking photos of me again?

Many first times for this trip.

First time staying in a villa.
First time on a ferry (that I can remember)
First overseas trip with my cutie pie.
First time the 3 of us sleeping on a tiny bed.
First time going thru immigrations carrying my cutie pie.
Winnie's first time eating mashed potatoes.
Winnie's first overseas trip with parents and grandparents + cousin.
Winnie's first swim in a public swimming pool with her parents. :D
First time I slept and ate non-stop on a trip. I'm like either looking for food or sleeping the whole trip.. It's madness. :(
First time doing nothing in a overseas trip.
First time spending nothing in a overseas trip for me.

No Shopping, No walking around. Only 1 20mins buffet >.< and 1 short swim at the swimming pool in the morning.. For 2days 2nights it's really kinda wasted. -.-' Well, it's an experience, so we know what to do when we go to my choice of destination the next trip minus the grandparents and cousin. :D Am so glad to be back in SG with clean water, our own beds and shopping anytime I wanna go.. Wee~

Oh well. Apparently after the short trip, I carried on the eat and sleep routine for the rest of the week. I'm actually feeling some sort of dejavu feeling.. cause the last time I experienced sleeping all the time was about a year ago... Guess looking after cutie pie plus handling a blogshop for a few months did tire me out.. Mega huge thanks to my hubby for taking leave to help me look after Winnie while I slept the week away.. :P

So today he is back to work and I'm here going to start my work again.. Too much work piled up during this holiday and I don't know when can I clear them.. :( More photos of the trip as soon as I get the photos from hubby's camera.. I didn't bring my camera out this time. :D

Okay. Back to work. tadah~

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