Monday, February 04, 2013

The Face Shop Stylist Silky Hair Color Cream

Decided to colour my short crop cause I think I'm looking more aunty by the day. T.T
and I really dun want to look to aunty during CNY..

There's this awesome 1+1 promo on Qoo10, after reading a few reviews I knew I had to get the hair colouring kits. :D Paid S$9.90 for 2 boxes!
$9.90 can barely get you a box at our local drugstore, so getting 2 boxes was a really great deal!
I got 2 different colours and decide to try the brighter colour first. :)

Orange Brown

Here's what's in the box..

1 x Tube (Colour that you choose)
1 x Bottle (activating cream)
1 x pair of gloves
1 x plastic cape
1 x Instruction Manual in Korean
Good thing my hairdresser for the day (Hubby) have enough experience from my younger hair colouring days to know exactly what to do because the manual in only in Korean, no other language!

Anyway it's very simple.
First put on the cape and plastic gloves.
Next you take the tube and prick a hole on the top of the tube (using the pin at the end of it's cap).
Follow by emptying all that's in the tube into the bottle and shake the bottle to mix it well.
After mixing you can start application.
Make sure you cover all hair strands, best if you have someone to assist you to put the colour on part by part.
After application, wait for 30 minutes before rinsing off and shampoo/condition your hair.

There's no extra conditioner in the kit and apparently they state that hair is very soft after washing off.
But I still used my own conditioner cause my hair's the irritating frizzy kind. :(

Say bye to my black hair.. :P

Waiting for the colour to set in.
I read somewhere that if you're in a rush you can put on a shower cap and use hairdryer to heat it.
Well it's only 30mins and since my hair's short I can afford to seat in the living room to watch TV. heh.
My hair. Still damn dark right?
Haiz.. I've very stubborn black hair that just doesn't take in other colour well.
Guess I need to bleach it if I really want to have lighter colour hair.. :(

Did you colour your hair for this CNY too?
What colour did you choose? :)

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