Monday, December 10, 2012

Phewtick (App)

Downloaded an new app call Phewtick.

It's an app that allows you to earn money through meeting up with people!
I'm still exploring the app but I'm not meeting up with enough people to test this app out. :(

How to use this app :
1. Meet someone/anyone
2. Both parties open up their Phewtick app
3. Scan QR Code (either you scan his/hers or he/she scan yours.)
4. Meet up is recorded.

*Points are randomly allocated for each meetup and the points can be exchanged to cash.
Can be cashed out via Paypal or you can even choose to Donate the points to UNICEF or Red Cross!

Not sure if there's a minimum amount for cash out though. hmm..


In other news.. I've updated my wishlist at the sidebar. to include... :)
❤ Huggies Ultra Diapers for Newborn.
❤ Kiddy Palace Vouchers
❤ Jurong Point Gift Card

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