Sunday, December 02, 2012

Hello Kitty Seaweed Chips

Was at Taka after doctor's appointment on Thursday.
Saw this cute seaweed thingy and got hubby to buy them for me. :P
It's kinda expensive for seaweed... S$11 for 20g (1 can).  >.<

Bought 2 cans and it comes in a Box.

There were several flavors and after trying 2, I decide to get the brown rice one. :)

Sealed up can..

This is how it looks like inside. :)

Thin Seaweed...

It's actually 2 piece with stuffs in between.. This is brown rice. :)

Info on can..

and it's all gone within 20mins.. :P

Will I buy again? Maybe? If I'm feeling super rich? hahas..
S$11 for snacks is a little bit steep imo. Especially since I finished them in like 20mins. :P
I could get a meal for S$11.
Well, at least the can is cute... :)

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